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Four Breweries Place Collaboration Wager on College Football Playoffs

Four Breweries Place Collaboration Wager on College Football Playoffs

When Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma take the field for this weekend’s college football Bowl Championship Series playoffs, four breweries will be watching closely with bragging rights and a collaboration beer on the line.

In the communal spirit of the craft brewing industry, Georgia’s Scofflaw Brewing will play host to what they’re calling the Craft Beer Championship Series. The CBCS will feature four of the country’s most talented rising breweries including Alabama’s Good People Brewing Company, Oklahoma’s American Solera, South Carolina’s Birds Fly South Ale Project, and Georgia’s Scofflaw, with each brewery backing teams representing their respective home states throughout the entirety of the actual BCS playoffs.

Travis Herman and Matt Shirah (Photo courtesy of Heidi Geldhauser)

The winning brewery will earn the glory of hosting a collaboration brew involving the three losing breweries, who will be forced to don the jersey of the winning team. The winner will eventually have the honor of tapping the collaboration beer in their taproom while proudly displaying the flag of the winning team as well as visual evidence of the runners-up in full losing regalia.

All four sides seem confident in their team’s prospects, but only one champion will emerge.

“We all know the Bulldogs will take a bite out of these guys’ asses,” said Scofflaw’s Shirah. “The only thing good to come out of Oklahoma was T. Boone Pickens and Travis Herman, our brewmaster.”

“I could go on and on about what a poor team Georgia is, really, I could,” replied Chase Healey, founder of American Solera. “I just don’t need to — knowing that Travis Herman is a Sooner fan too! Boomer Sooner.”

“We love this collaboration and competition idea,” said Michael Sellers, co-founder of Good People Brewing Company. “We were getting bored with just going to the Championship game every year.”

“Alabama? What are you? An elephant? The Red Sea?” saidShawn Johnson, co-founder of Birds Fly South Ale Project. “Everyone knows Coach Saban has dirt on the NCAA or Alabama wouldn’t be here again.”

With this competitive spirit already in mind, who would win the BCS playoffs if the script were flipped and each game was determined by overall brewery quality? We’ll let you be the judge… share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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