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Creature Comforts Brewing Co. | Koko Buni Milk Porter

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. | Koko Buni Milk Porter
Taylor Laabs

Athens, Georgia-based Creature Comforts Brewing Co. has made a name for itself through by creating artfully balanced beers. The beer they brew is not intended to be overpowering, but is instead focused on highlighting each element of the beer—in perfect unison. A testament to their mission is their popular winter seasonal, Koko Buni Milk Porter, which promises balanced notes of coffee, cocoa nibs and toasted coconut.

Below are my thoughts on Creature Comforts’ Koko Buni, which is one of the more interesting porters I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.


The pour of this milk porter is extremely smooth and slow, with little carbonation present. Once settled in the glass, Koko Buni has little to no head and a pitch-black color. The picture below is captured seconds after the pour.

Credit: Taylor Laabs


The biggest factor in the smell is coffee, which is then followed by mellow chocolate notes that have an almost chocolate milk character to it.


On first taste, Koko Buni reads like your run-of-the-mill porter, as you get a well-balanced flavor profile of coffee and cocoa nibs. That said, when you really start drinking this porter, you discover some unique complexities that make it special. The first is the mellowness that this beer brings to your palate. At 6.5% ABV, the velvety smoothness of this beer can’t be understated and is a testament to Head Brewer David Stein’s vision for this beer, which was to deliver a beer that was “balanced and not over the top.” After the coupled notes of chocolate and coffee, you begin to taste a bit of coconut, which makes an appearance thanks to its toasted quality. The finish offers more subtle flavors, mostly coming from the smokiness of the locally-sourced coffee. Overall, the beer is rich and decadent but doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds.


Although Athens doesn’t see a lot of freezing temperatures, the Koko Buni Milk Porter seems to be brewed specifically for such a frigid occasion. Koko Buni is a well-balanced porter with some added smoothness and several complex flavor profiles which might take a while to find, but once you do, you’re in for a treat.

Interested in indulging in a Koko Buni for yourself? The winter seasonal will be available on draft and in 6-packsof 12oz cans onsite at the brewery as well as in Creature Comforts’ Athens and Atlanta distribution footprint. Cheers!

Feature image courtesy of Creature Comforts.

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