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What We’re Drinking | April 27, 2018

What We're Drinking
Anna Dacosta

The team is not messing around this week and the proof is in the beer! We sure do love conversing about the new beers emerging this season but I can speak for all beer lovers when I say we love to drink them even more. It has been quite an eventful month and as we prepare to jump into May, let’s take some time to see What We’re Drinking as we say farewell to April.

Dino Smores | Off Color Brewing

I love seeing everybody’s warm-weather Tropical IPA beer posts. Here in Colorado, however, it just got done snowing and is a smidge over freezing out there. So a stout it be yet again…

Gose Rosa | Dillinger Brewing

Trappist IPA | Spencer Brewery

This past Sunday was the first weekend day we’ve had this spring that was warm enough to allow me to sit on the porch in the evening and have a beer. As the sun went down I poured a glass of @spencerbrewery Trappist IPA and set it on the antique fruit crate that serves as our porch table. I leaned back against our brick porch wall, closed my eyes, and felt the evening sunshine on my face. Spencer brews the only Trappist certified IPA in the world, and I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I first saw the bottles a little over a year ago. A Trappist IPA? But the monks at Spencer show the patience and graceful skill of their old world brothers in every beer they brew. There are so many IPAs out there it can be hard to tell one from another, but this one stands on its own with delicate citrus, gentle pine, and a firm but supple bitterness. It’s not a flashy IPA. It’s just a really good one.

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Luminary | Upland Brewing

New Feeling IPA | Temescal Brewing

Out here working on my sunburn. New Feeling IPA from @temescalbeer is giving me all the feeeeeels!

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