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The Grinch | A Holiday Drinking Game for the Whole Family

The Grinch | A Holiday Drinking Game for the Whole Family
Scott Grossman

The first few times I watched the beloved 1966 animated version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” as an adult I could have sworn it was a full-length feature film. This distortion in the time/space continuum came largely as the result of my friends Kathy and Wendy insisting that I play “The Grinch” drinking game with them. In actuality, the running time is 26 minutes—30 with commercials.

For starters, this game is best played with beer, preferably something cheap, because there will be lots of fast-paced, mindless drinking. For everyone. The game’s simplicity is the main selling point, as after 20 minutes it becomes difficult to distinguish the finer points of the film.

Let the brutal Grinch game begin . . .

The Rules

1) Every time “Who” is mentioned, everyone drinks. For example: “Little Sally Lou Who and all the Whos in Who-ville?” That’s three drinks. Did I mention this is a punishing game?

2) Assign the newbies a special word, for which they must drink at each utterance. Three of the best are “noise,” “feast” and “sing.” Trust me on this—it’ll make complete sense when you watch the film.

So that’s about it. Half an hour. Lots of “Who” references. Lots of drinks.

Aside from having an adequate beer supply and streaming access to The Grinch, this game involves little skill. You mainly need to pay attention and watch your competitors to ensure they are consuming their required drinks during the film. In the end, it’s in everyone’s best interest to play fair and “win,” shall we say, since by that point nobody’s in shape to keep any kind of score anyway.

In this season of thankfulness and friends, I’m eternally grateful to my friend Kathy for introducing me to this blackout-inducing Christmas tradition. Hopefully, it will bring as much joy to you and yours as it has to me and my friends over the years.

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