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PorchDrinking Staff’s 2020 New Beer Resolutions

New Beers Resolutions New Years Resolutions

As we close the book on 2019, it’s time to look ahead to a new year — welcome to the ’20s! Each year, we at take time to look ahead and publish a few of our “beer goals” for the upcoming year. What do we want to drink? What topics do we want to cover? Where do we want to travel? We hope that some of our 2020 New Beer Resolutions inspire you to set a few of your own beer goals for 2020.

We want to travel for our beer 

Attend either GABF or Oktoberfest in Germany ~ Alexis Dickie

Try at least 10 Scottish or English beers while traveling to Britain this summer ~ Drew Davis

Spend time traveling to Midwestern Breweries outside Chicagoland ~ Matt Powers


“Try at least 10 Scottish or English beers while traveling to Britain this summer”


Travel more and hike more often (also crush some beers at the top of a couple mountains) ~ Jadon Flores

Take at least one extended beer vacation ~ Matt Powers

(More: PorchDrinking 2 Days, 2 Nights Series)

Get in more beer traveling but also focus more on getting to know the beer scene better in my region (KY/OH/IN). Also, attend GABF. It’s about time. ~ Jereme Zimmerman

I said this last year, but this year I mean it, damn it: travel somewhere (anywhere outside of Colorado) and experience a different local beer scene. ~ Seth Garland

We have brewery-visiting goals

Explore the rest of the breweries in the suburbs of Charlotte ~ Alexis Dickie

Visit all the new Chicago breweries I’ve neglected to visit over the past 2 years ~ Paul Lewis

Visit more breweries in greater Minnesota (outside the Twin Cities’ Metro Area) ~ Max Sundermeyer

Take more day trips to try out Colorado breweries outside the metro Denver area ~ Scott Grossman

Go to at least 15 new breweries ~ Danielle Engel

Visit 10 breweries I’ve never been to ~ Mike Zoller

Go to 20 Montana breweries ~ Justin Pennel

Revisit classic breweries in my own city that I haven’t visited in a while ~ Tristan Chan

We want education and certification

Delve more into the complexities and history of styles ~ Danielle Engel

Spend time talking to bartenders, sales people, beer buyers, etc — get a real sense of what is moving and what isn’t in the industry. ~ Matt Powers

Get a better understanding of the science of brewing, notably when it comes to things like spontaneous fermentation, etc. ~ Matt Powers

Take my cicerone studies seriously — eventually getting to the master class. It’s time to get going on this goal. ~ Matt Powers

Start cicerone courses ~ Drew Davis

Get my BJCP to start judging beers for Homebrew competitions. ~ Jadon Flores

Read and research more on beer history ~ Tristan Chan

New Beer Resolution
Picture: From

We have beer-drinking goals

Drink more German beer styles more regularly (and write about them) ~ Seth Garland

Seek out more spicy/pepper beers and drink them all. ~ Seth Garland

“Crush some beers at the top of a couple mountains”


Try at least 10 Scottish or English beers while traveling to Britain this summer ~ Drew Davis (this fit in two categories!)

Finish off the last of my cellar collection. I’m done with cellaring and am going to enjoy my beer as fresh as I can. ~ Pam Catoe

(Mike Zoller understands why one might want to stop cellaring. See his piece from 2017)

Speaking of Mike, he has a goal this year, too: 

Drink more lager ~ Mike Zoller

Some of us want to put quality over quantity

Drink less beer and enjoy the ones I am drinking more ~ Paul Lewis

Some of us want to just stop drinking…for a bit

Participate in a “dry month” ~ Scott Johnson

We want to promote good causes

Assist with Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Days and advocate for PBS! ~ Pam Catoe

Advocate for stronger mental health and employee equity within the industry ~ Tristan Chan

“Advocate for stronger mental health and employee equity within the industry”


We want to brew

Use the new Homebrew kit I got as opportunity to learn more about the taste subtleties in traditional beer styles. ~ Danny King

Begin brewing beer with my brother-in-law ~ Max Sundermeyer

Break out the fermenter and carboys and get back into homebrewing ~ Scott Grossman

Brush up on my homebrewing ~ Scott Johnson

Make at least 5 styles of beer I haven’t previously  ~ Drew Davis

One of us really takes our brewing seriously

Open my brewery ~ Drew Davis

Weyerbacher Brewing Company
The 40bbl brewhouse at Weyerbacher. Photo Credit: Dan Bortz

We have writing and beer-coverage goals

Write more pieces with opinions from people in the beer industry ~ Mike Zoller

Start writing again ~ Drew Davis

Focus more on in-depth long-form beer stories ~ Tristan Chan

Build industry relationships five of my favorite breweries in the Twin Cities ~ Max Sundermeyer

Focus on writing researched-based feature articles ~ Max Sundermeyer

“Write more pieces with opinions from people in the beer industry”

Write more articles on local breweries and beer releases ~ Jadon Flores

Outside of some seriously cool, “large,” fests, I’d like to concentrate more on “small events” at specific breweries and bars (quaint over quantity?). ~ Matt Powers

Give more exposure to local beer makers ~ Scott Johnson

Get on my social media game and promote all the great beers / breweries out there! ~ Pam Catoe

Work with and help promote the local craft beer scene ~ Justin Pennel

And, we have 2020 New Beer Resolutions that will NEVER happen

Be much better/efficient at handling emails ~ Matt Powers


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