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PorchDrinking Staff’s 2017 New Beer Resolutions

New Beers Resolutions New Years Resolutions Staff

Welcome to 2017! Congratulations on making it through another year without flying cars, middle-class suburbs on Mars and Dippin’ Dots becoming the ice cream of the present. This next year is a pandora’s box of opportunity. The sequel to Deadpool, the potential of self driving cars, and the complete shutdown of American government as we know it. Oh, and all the beer that will be brewed and poured! So, sit back, relax and share with us what New Beer Resolutions you have for the upcoming year.

PorchDrinking, taking a page from our great friends at 303 Magazine’s Denver Food & Booze Bucket List for 2017, sat down on the figurative porch swing and thought about what we wanted to change, improve or just plainly do more of in 2017. After several beers (no, not figuratively either), we put to paper what our New Beers Resolutions are. Many of them are as easy as twisting a bottle cap, while a few will be daunting and, possibly, life-altering. Regardless, we hope to inspire you, our fellow imbibers!’s New Beer Resolutions for 2017, GO!

  1. Get more international with my craft beer and try stuff from around the world. (Brady Akers)
  2. Help turn a craft beer newb into a passionate fan. (Brady Akers)
  3. Visit all the remaining front-range breweries I haven’t been to. (Brady Akers)
  4. Make a dent in my beer locker by sharing with friends. (Brady Akers)
  5. Share more beer with friends. Beer is best with company. (Chris Day)
  6. Order styles I don’t usually like to broaden my horizons. (Chris Day)
  7. Visit every brewery in Denver at least once in 2017. (Tristan Chan)

    Photo by: Dustin Hall, The Brewtography Project
    River North Brewing Company | Photo by: Dustin Hall, The Brewtography Project
  8. Finally make the pilgrimage to Belgium. (Tristan Chan)
  9. Attend the Craft Brewers Conference in D.C. (Tristan Chan, Kara Loo & Kelissa Heiber)
  10. Revisit the beers that first got me into craft. (Tristan Chan)
  11. Get more into education both of myself and learning from / with others in the industry. (Tristan Chan)
  12. Stop hoarding and aging so many beers. Rarely is beer meant to be aged, so let drink up while it’s fresh. (Tristan Chan)
  13. Visit a destination beer festival like Great Taste of the Midwest, FoBAB, Hunahpu Day, Anchorage Brewing’s The Culmination, Firestone Walker Invitational, Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium Invitational, etc. (Tristan Chan)
  14. Try more international beers. (Tristan Chan)
  15. Trying beers from a new brewery every week. (Tristan Chan)
  16. Actually track my beers… OK fine, Untappd, here I come (still not gonna rank beers)! (Tristan Chan)
  17. Travel to New England and visit as many breweries as I can. (Danele Bova)
  18. Attend GABF (Danele Bova & Matt Powers)
  19. While at GABF – revisit O’dell; visit Boulder, Great Divide, Avery. (Matt Powers)

    odell tap handles
    Odell Brewing | Photo Courtesy of Dustin Hall, The Brewtography Project
  20. Attend Oak Park Microbrew Review (Illinois Guild event). (Matt Powers)
  21. Attend Tribes Fest again. (Matt Powers)
  22. Once per month, drink non-hotbed, non-Chicago beers (like from Wyoming, etc). – (Matt Powers)
  23. Refrain, as a writer, from turning words into adverbs simply to describe beer. (Matt Powers)
  24. Write more in-depth beer pieces – Green brewing, history, business, etc. (Matt Powers)
  25. Travel northward / visit at least 20 north ‘burbs’ (Chicago) breweries in 2017. (Matt Powers)
  26. Get better acquainted with food and beer pairings — talk to chefs (Matt Powers)
  27. Understand the nuances of sours and all its sub-genres. (Matt Powers)

    Crooked Stave Artistan Beer Project | Photo Credit: Will Dozier
    Crooked Stave Artistan Beer Project | Photo Credit: Will Dozier
  28. Keep doing our part to make sure the craft beer community is as inclusive and within reach to as many people as possible! (Kara Loo & Kelissa Heiber)
  29. Create a better/more organized cellar for the beers we’re currently aging. (Kara Loo & Kelissa Heiber + Matt Powers)
  30. Update our business plan for 2017 and lock down potential investors for our brewery :). (Kara and Kelissa)
  31. Attend the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference. (Danele Bova & Matt Powers)
  32. Be more specific in my home brewing by creating better notes, hitting my targets, and shed my “whatever happens it’ll be beer” mindset. (Jose Minaya)
  33. Stop whaling, quality beers can be had affordably and in widespread availability, rarity does not necessarily equate to quality. (Jose Minaya)
  34. Learn more about the business of breweries and better understand operations, management, and financial aspects of brewing beyond just simply brewing. (Jose Minaya)
  35. Convince my dad to open a brewery with me – he’s an amazing homebrewer! – (Katelyn Pelak)
  36. Host a bottle share. (Katelyn Pelak)
  37. Start stockpiling beer for a cellar I can call my own. (Jasmin Hudacsek)
  38. Beercations in Portland and Vermont. (Jasmin Hudacsek)

    Cascade Brewing Gose | Photo by Will Dozier
    Cascade Brewing Gose | Photo by Will Dozier
  39. Make more of an effort to get my hands on beers from small PA breweries with little/no distribution. (Dan Bortz)
  40. Attend more beer festivals (I usually only manage to get to one/year). (Dan Bortz)
  41. Do not grow a big(ger), giant(er) beer belly. (Dan Bortz)
  42. Stop cellaring beers.(Mike Zoller)
  43. Up my beerstagram game. (David Thompson)
  44. Finally getting around to setting up my staff bio. (David Thompson)
  45. Workout as much as I drink beer or drink beer as much as I workout. My mid 30s metabolism called ahead and said I might need a bigger boat. (Johnathan Pylant)
  46. Relax! It is beer. Stop turning everything into a motion for activism and just enjoy life. (Johnathan Pylant)
  47. Attend the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference and sit next to Leah from Terrapin. (Johnathan Pylant)
  48. Go to fewer festivals and, instead, visit, at least, 1 brewery per month. Unknown Brewing, you’re first on my list! (Johnathan Pylant)

    The Unknown Brewing | Photo Courtesy of The Unknown Brewing
    The Unknown Brewing | Photo Courtesy of The Unknown Brewing
  49. Accomplish another beer certification. (Johnathan Pylant)
  50. Plan a full-on beercation! For so long I’ve planned trips and worked breweries into said trip – doing research after-the-fact. This year it’s all about going somewhere because of the beer. Being in the PNW, I’m sure I can make that happen. Bend, Eugene – I’m coming for ya. (Hannah Carlson)
  51. Explore new styles. Being in the PNW, it’s easy to get hooked on those piney IPAs and the barrel-aged stouts. This year is about becoming more familiar with styles across the board – and challenging my tastebuds to pick up unfamiliar and unexplored flavors. (Hannah Carlson)
  52. Patronize new beer bars. I’m lucky to live in a city with endless places to grab a beer – and yet I always find myself at a select handful. 2017 is about pushing myself to get happy hour at unexplored local watering holes. (Hannah Carlson)
  53. Inspire new drinkers. It’s easy to grab beers with people who are already knowledgeable and inspired by craft – and because of so I find myself drinking with the same 5 – 10 people. This year is all about rounding up new people to cheers with. There’s plenty of craft beer to go around, so let’s round up some (new) troops. (Hannah Carlson)
  54. Get my beer reviews in on time, all the time. 2016 has beaten me down. (John Baum)
  55. Read more about beer. See what other beer folks have to say–the experts. (John Baum)
  56. Stop faking my palate. Take a class, go to school on what I’m REALLY tasting when I taste my beers. (John Baum)
  57. Ask Jonanthan Pylant what he means by Beer Certfication. (John Baum)
  58. Convince the homebrew folks I know to give a brewery a cgo (They’re close!) (John Baum)
  59. Do more with beer/food pairings. (John Baum)

    Photo Courtesy of: SAVOR
  60. Complain to as many legislators as I can, lobby whomever I need to, protest as much as I need to, get these stupid, archaic Georgia beer laws changed. Seriously. We are the worst in the country. (John Baum)

What are your New Beers Resolutions for 2017? Share in the comments section below!

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