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Good People Brewing Company | Snake Handler

Good People Brewing Company | Snake Handler
Brandon Cohran

There is no mistaking the connection many of us feel with beer. You can likely recall memories of can art or flavor notes of memorable beers you’ve enjoyed. Sometimes this is due to rarity or place and company of consumption. Sometimes it’s just for the experience. Good People Brewing Company Snake Handler Double IPA will create those feelings and more as the memory of this beer will surely stay with you.

The initial impressions of this Double IPA reveal a more old-school IPA style as the clear, rich and vibrant amber liquid fills the glass. Once poured into a tulip glass, the bubbly off-white foam starts pillowy thick.

It shrinks down quickly, but it never fades from the top of the beer. A few swirls before each sip aggravates the foam and makes it dance.

As soon as your glass gets close to your nose, the abundance of hops prance from the glass and immediately dominate the air. The intense bitterness is met and matched by a biscuity, breadlike maltiness that combats the hops with sweetness.

Once that initial sip of this amber-colored liquid gold has reached your lips, the medium mouthfeel and malty sweetness — caramel and bread — overtake your palate. Slight citrus and herbal notes are present in the initial taste.

Moments after this, a piney and floral, grassy hop bitterness wash away the sweetness. This lingering bitterness covers your mouth, but the booziness of this 10% Double IPA is deceptive as the finish is smooth and crisp.

Each sip of Snake Handler improves on the last and makes the next one even more exciting. In a world full of IPAs, this is one beer that is worth seeking out and handling with care.

*Feature image contributed by Good People Brewing Company’s Facebook page.

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