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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

Jim Koch

A lot news has occurred in the beer world in the recent past. Some good, some bad. I’ve put together the weekly growler so you can catch up on anything you missed. I can’t tell what I want to do more right now: grill a steak or conduct a drinking experiment. Maybe I’ll do both.

SB 1714: A nightmare for small breweries in Florida

This bill was changed at the last moment, but still didn’t look too promising for small craft breweries. SB 1714 proposed that if multiple locations exist, a brewery could not transport their own beer between the two locations without involving a distributor. This means the brewery would have to make the beer, sell it, and they buy it right back – even though it would never leave their hands. Luckily, the last minute changes did allow breweries to continue to sell their beer in their taprooms without a distributor, as long as sales of growlers and such stay under 20%. After that, the breweries get screwed. Microbrewers are worried that the high costs resulting from these regulations may put them out of business. Why was such a thing ever proposed? Maybe it has to do with the fact Senator Kelli Stargel, the politician who introduced this bill, received over $6,500 in campaign donations from beer distributors. Or maybe its because the bill is being pushed by distributors of Anheuser-Busch InBev products. Currently, the bill has passed in the Florida Senate. Next, it goes to the Florida House of Representatives.

SB 1714
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How to Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk: Jim Koch inspires experiments around the world

Jim Koch
Photo from Boston Beer Company

We read this article, did intensive research and even talked to some brewers. Does eating a spoonful of baker’s yeast really slow the effects of a long night of beer drinking? It seems unlikely but at this point, the only way to find out is to try it for yourself – in the name of science, of course.

The monks give in: Trappist Breweries decide to call all beers IPAs

Westvleteren’s XII’s new branding

As a way to market to the consumer, the International Trappist Association has decided that all their brews will now be labeled with those three very special letters, I-P-A. The beers that have already been shipped out, well, those will be recalled so they can slap a new label on top. Amen to that?

Renegade Brewing Company vs. Elevation Beer Company – Who will win the rights to ‘Elevation’?

Renegade Elevation

These two breweries have decided to enter into a trademark dispute over the word Elevation. Elevation Beer Company is saying that the name E3 Elevation Triple IPA, a beer by Renegade, is an infringement of their trademark. The two Colorado breweries were unable to settle the matter and will now have to duke it out in court.

Marinate your meat in beer…for health

Meat and Beer
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Apparently marinating your meat in beer before grilling will help reduce the amount of carcinogens produced during the grilling process. If you didn’t have an excuse to soak your steak in a peppery, rye ale before, you do now.




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