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2022 PorchDrinking Staff’s New Beer Resolutions

New Beer Resolutions 2022

In 1919, Prohibition came, but then things were roaring. In 2019, SARS-CoV-2 arrived, but at least breweries were still pouring. So yeah, things are tough, but we can still enjoy a good drink. In fact, we have more than 8,000 breweries producing beer in 2022, and that gives us something to look forward to. So, it is time for us to reveal our 2022 New Beer Resolutions. What are your goals for the upcoming year? Let us know!


  • Ruvani de Silva: Expand and continue my work as an advocate for marginalized groups in the beer industry
  • Matt Powers: Listen to women in brewing a lot more. Just listen.
  • Emma Wargolet: Write more about women in the Chicago beer scene
  • Jen Bril: Be a better ally to beer industry and fellow beer consumers
  • Tristan Chan: Agree with Jen, be a better ally to women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, any marginalized groups in beer, and just anyone looking to further themselves in beer
  • Brian Margiotta: Be a better ally to women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, any marginalized groups in beer. (Great idea Jen & Tristan)

Brave Noise & Pink Boots

  • Pam Catoe: Speak at the Pink Boots Conference in February! That’s right, I’ll be part of a panel talking about how to have a successful Collaboration Brew Day
  • Pam Catoe: Encourage more Austin area breweries to participate in the Brave Noise collaboration
Brave-Noise_Square-Graphic Goals

  • Tristan Chan: Start PorchDrinking’s Beer TikTok
  • Tristan Chan: Launch the new and improved PorchDrinking website!
  • Matt Powers: Write A LOT more — party like it’s pre-March-2020. I need to finish a ton of stories that I had to put off due to anxiety issues and COVID complications (health & logistics)
  • Brian Margiotta: Contribute more frequently, write at least one article per month.

Community & Collaboration

  • Alexis Dickie & Brian Margiotta shared a goal: “Continue to network and build community in the beer world.”
  • Ruvani de Silva: Work on expanding and promoting my South Asian Beer Club community and projects
South Asian Beer Club
South Asian Beer Club:

Meanwhile, in Texas…

  • Pam Catoe: Continue to support our new MLS team the Ausitn FC, supporter groups, and local FC loving breweries
  • Pam Catoe: Collaborate with more folks in the Austin area, Ali Khan Eats, The Daytripper, and others. Build community partners.
  • Ruvani de Silva: Continue to support and promote Texas breweries on national and international platforms

But, who’s counting?

  • Justin Pennel: Visit 40 new breweries
  • Tristan Chan: Visit at least 100 Colorado breweries
  • Brian Margiotta: Visit my 100th Missouri Brewery (Current count: 75)
  • Brian Margiotta: Visit my 300th Brewery (Current count: 254)

Road Trips

  • Scott Johnson: Go on more Beer Trips
  • Scott Weikert: Visit more small breweries in out-of-the-way towns
  • Scott Grossman: Break out of the Denver-area beer circuit and try more Front Range breweries

And the one person not named Scott has a goal, too.

  • Matt Powers: Visit breweries in other states (for sure in IA, WI & SC, as I’ll be there this year during the spring & summer)

Dust off those passports!

  • Rachel Morrison: Drink beer in another country (assuming travel opens up)
  • Ruvani de Silva: More international beer-travel (circumstances permitting!)
  • Emma Wargolet: Go to a brewery in Europe
  • Scott Weikert: Fly to Europe and do a proper Belgian beer tour


Dear beer fests, we miss you.

  • Emma Wargolet: Actually go to GABF??
  • Alexis Dickie: Same as Emma, actually go to GABF?? Fingers crossed it can happen
  • Alexis Dickie: Plan ahead for fests more–I’d love to go to Snallygaster in DC for example but didn’t hear about it until the week before this year
  • Ruvani de Silva: Attend and take part in more beer events
  • Tristan Chan: Attend the Firestone Walker Invitational
Firestone Walker Invitational
FSW Invitational:

Or, more simply:

  • Scott Grossman: Attend a beer fest – ANY beer fest!

Why attend a fest when you can host?

  • Rachel Morrison: Host more beer events
  • Seth Garland: Host a few nice BBQ, beer and outdoor movie events in my backyard with the 2019 carefree vibe I took for granted
  • Justin Pennel: Host & attend more beer shares
  • Brian Margiotta: Host a local beer event/meetup in St. Louis

What if the world collapses? Be prepared!

  • Ruvani de Silva: Do more homebrewing!

Beer-Style Goals

Differing Goals:

  • 1) Britt Antley A) Drink more lagers and more styles of lagers. B) Don’t forget about West Coast and non-hazy IPAs
  • 2) Tristan Chan: Revisit a wider variety of styles (not just Lagers and IPAs)


  • Matt Powers: Explore the “other spirits” of the strong barrel aged beer style (Gin, Tequila, etc)
  • Scott Johnson: Give another chance to beer styles I neglected

Cellar Goals

  • Britt Antley: Slowly dwindle down my beer cellar

Career & Personal Goals

  • Rachel Morrison: Launch my portfolio
  • Ruvani de Silva: Work on my beer history and educational learning
  • Matt Powers: So many beer books published recently — read, read, read
  • Scott Johnson: Finish beer-related project
  • Justin Pennel: Find more time for my beer photography and continue to improve it

Mom Goals

  • Emma Wargolet: Get my mom to try a beer

(Lack of) Beer Belly Goals

  • Seth Garland: Be a little more active so when I drink a 12% calorie-bomb, it doesn’t instantly go to my beer gut

Can’t we at least see each other again?

  • Matt Powers: Meet my PD writers again, and drink beer with them, in person! I miss them!
  • Brian Margiotta: Hopefully meet several other PorchDrinking contributors over a beer!

To Malört or not Malört, that is the question:

  • Matt Powers: Visit breweries and just drink beer and chat — nothing formal. Just chat and drink beer. I miss beer people. Oh, and sharing Malort shots are needed!
  • Emma Wargolet: Drink beer with Matt and other PD writers, but avoid Malort shots at all costs.

Malört: It doesn’t cure the Coronavirus, it just takes like it should.”

The Ultimate Pandemic Goal

  • Seth Garland: Drink a beer in a brewery or taproom without thinking about the kinds of germs and viruses I’m probably picking up


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