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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

Kristen Grace

It’s Monday. I’m sure plenty has happened over the weekend—things you remember, things you don’t—but the internet never sleeps. So I’ve rounded up all the beer-related content that you didn’t even know you were missing to help keep your weekend buzz going. I don’t know about you, but I’m craving some Thin Mints right about now.

President Obama And Canadian Prime Minister Harper Bet on Hockey with Beer

presidential canadian bet

Would we have gotten Labatt’s if we lost?

Hipsters Ordering Beer Video Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

Never feel bad about the beer your order again. Or feel worse, depending on how much you identify with this cheeky video.

Craft Beer and Your Health

At some point, we’ve all wondered, “What more can I be doing for my health?” According to this well-cited article, drinking moderately can lower your risk for some of the more terrifying health complications.

How many hours of minimum wage work it takes to earn a beer?

working off beer

Because we’ve all counted down the hours until happy hour based on the number of beers we can afford to drink.

IPAs for People Who Don’t Like IPAs

The author of this article said it best: “You don’t need a biochem degree to appreciate these hops, just a good thesaurus.”

Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookie beer

Forget the milk. Let’s talk beer and cookies.

Beer float, anyone? Yuengling’s Ice Cream makes return after long absence


A pint of Black and Tan? You’ll have to be more specific since that’s also the name of their signature flavor. As if you needed another excuse to combine classic desserts and beer. Find out where you can grab a pint.

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