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Precarious Beer Project | Feel Dazed Double IPA

Precarious Beer Project Feel Dazed DIPA
Jason Murphy

As adults, we often reach back into our memory bank and reminisce about certain times or things we’ve experienced. Thinking back to your childhood, do you remember Field Day? This was a day that most people looked forward to all year. A day that you didn’t do any schoolwork and got to play outdoor games all day. Sometimes you could even leave early with your parents!

Williamsburg, VA-based Precarious Beer Project hosts an annual beer festival called Field Dayz. The first Field Dayz festival was held in 2018 and has been going on every year since then, except for 2020.

As you would expect, the idea was based on the Field Days you would have as a kid. It’s held outdoors on the lawn of the art museum across the street from the brewery. These Field Dayz are similar but a bit more adult-oriented.

Field Dayz includes lawn games, live music, DJs, food and beer from some of their favorite breweries and friends from around the area and the country. “It’s such a fun event to bring to our town and we hope people continue to enjoy it for many years to come,” said Julie Tridente, Director of Brewing Operations.


The folks at Precarious wanted to come up with a beer to brew every year for their festival. Head Brewer, Adrian Garrett, came up with the idea of brewing an incredibly juicy, soft and well-rounded Hazy Double IPA for the festival.

“I wanted to build a recipe that showcased our delicious house hazy strain with the addition of two of my favorite hop strains that also happen to be extremely popular,” said Adrian. Adrian is referring to the hop combo of Citra and Strata.

Going by the name of Feel Dazed, it provides flavors of juicy ripe orange from Citra and powerfully dank and fruity punch from the Strata. Adrian notes the addition of Strata helps create subtle under ripe strawberry tones as well.

Image provided by Precarious Beer Project

Feel Dazed will have your taste buds dazed, but not confused! The all-around flavor profile is dang near perfection. As described by Adrian above, the juice is real with this one. Tart and tangy citrus notes tickle your fancy up front, while Strata provides the dankness on the back end. On a dankness scale, Feel Dazed would be on the Cubic Dankonia range. To say we were elated would be an understatement!


Feel Dazed is the culmination of the Precarious team’s experience brewing single, double and triple Hazy IPAs. Countless hours have been spent tweaking recipes and refining their process. “Feel Dazed, in our opinion, is the result of that constant drive to make our hazy beer world class,” noted Adrian.

Feel Dazed always seems to be a great seller or Precarious and Julie notes that people genuinely look forward to its return annually for the Field Dayz festival.

It’s always brewed sometime in October for the festival and occasionally they will brew it outside of that time frame. “It’s a style and hop profile we really enjoy so we don’t always want to limit it to once a year,” said Adrian.

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