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About- Marie DeAeth

Marie DeAeth

Marie DeAeth

Marie spends her days data wrangling for a Manhattan nonprofit. In her spare time she is an unabashed generalist with a new hobby every week. Lover of boats, picnics, and rooftops. She will chatter your ear off about Cuba, feminism, game theory, and nerdy econ stuff like collaborative consumption. Collaboratively consuming these beers, amiright?

Posts By Marie DeAeth

The Real Adventures of a PorchDrinker on OKCupid

April 22, 2013 |

OKcupid. Yep, that’s right! Fasten your awkward-belts kiddos; we’re goin for a ride!  You are on OKcupid right? Well if you are single (or ‘available’) and you’re not already on it, you should be. Why is that? Well because frankly if your commute, your most recent breakup, and the occasional bout with adult acne aren’t enough to make you feel bad, OKcupid can do the rest.

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Kona Brewing Long Board Island Lager

April 9, 2013 |

This beer makes a real “paki” which is Hawaiian for ‘splash’ as my beer cap informed me in Snapple-esque style. Okay, perhaps not quite a “splash” so much as a relaxed and steady wave would be the best descriptor for the Kona Brewing Long Board Island Lager, coming out of Hawaii. You won’t catch this balance-challenged reviewer anywhere near a surfboard, but who doesn’t love an island state of mind? And this beer certainly embraces it. Read More