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Silly Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Craft Beer Fan

February 14, 2023 |

Finding the right Valentine’s Day card can be tricky. Wasn’t it easier just to buy a box of the fun cartoon valentine cards that you gave to friends at school? Well, if you’ve got a craft beer fan in your life, perhaps try one of these cheesy, good, terrible and maybe enticing puns for your valentine this year.

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PorchDrinking’s 2019 Oscars Drinking Game!

February 22, 2019 |

The 91st Academy Awards is sure to be one for the ages. Every single step of the event has been marred in some form of controversy ranging from what awards will be shown, who is going to host and if we’ll even get musical performances this year. There’s usually one faux pas from each year from the classic La La Land/Moonlight mix up from two years ago to Jack Nicholson’s reaction to Crash winning Best Picture. Who knows what will go to go down at this year’s broadcast?

Whatever happens this year, one thing is for certain is that a drinking game will make the experience even sweeter. So whether you’ve obsessively followed the nominees or you saw only five movies in a theater as per the national average, the Oscars should be fun for you too!

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Chicago Craft Beer Week

May 19, 2014 |

Chicago is a mind-blowingly large city, boasting a population of over 2.7 million people, it is divided into more than 200 neighborhoods. These neighborhoods showcase the various cultures and lifestyles of the city’s residents, and each one is unique. The fifth annual Chicago Craft Beer Week (CCBW), which started last Thursday and runs for ten days total, is centered on these small, intimate parts of the city that are so integral to its structure. With over 300 participating venues in the city and surrounding suburbs, this week is guaranteed to be amazing. Read More