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Little Thistle Brewing Co. | Brave Woman Scottish Ale

August 5, 2021 |

For some people, a beer is simply a beer. For others, beer is a sensorial or spiritual experience. The texture, the taste, the delivery and the presentation all lead to a unique encounter. Often, there are times when the history, or backstory, brings a deeper meaning to the beer you imbibe. Brave Woman, a Scottish Ale by Little Thistle Brewing in Rochester, Minnesota is such a beer. The ingredients, the presentation and the historical significance of the name of this brew all combine to make this Scottish Ale an exceptional libation. Read More

What We’re Drinking | July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018 |

Loving this warm weather and all the fun weekend activities – beach trips, beer festivals, and fairs! Our staff has been fueling their fun-filled week with delicious brews and we want to share that with you – this is What We’re Drinking.

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Wells and Young’s Brewery | McEwan’s Scotch Ale

November 13, 2014 | 1

Photo credit: McEwan’s.

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: Unknown

If I had to give you the pivotal year that launched my love of beer, it would have to be 2007. Despite my initial enjoyment of cask ales and the Guinnesses I had had in England a few years before that, I had not yet expanded my beer repertoire back in the United States. This beer expansion seven years ago had a lot to do with what I had found at a local bar here in Ohio, which had (and still has) a World Beer Tour with rotating beers from the United States and also across the world. That is where I found McEwan’s Scotch Ale, and that is when I knew that I had found one of my favorite beers and beer styles out there. With its import hiatus to the United States from approximately 2009 to 2013, I did not have the privilege of enjoying occasional pints of what I considered to be the nectar of the gods. However, after stumbling across a discussion board post online last year, I found out that Wells and Young’s had bought the McEwan’s label and decided to begin distributing this particular scotch ale across our great nation once more.  Read More

Thirsty Dog Wulver

January 2, 2014 |

F.G. = 5.5°P, O.G. = 25°P

IBU’s = 22, 12% alc./vol.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged (BBA) Wulver along with BBA Siberian Night were first released in bottles to Akron, Ohio and neighboring … Read More