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Inside The Tank | Brewery Faisan

May 15, 2020 |

The Coronavirus pandemic has touched every part of the nation, from how we meet, work, play, and come together. As an industry that relies heavily on building relationships with consumers, craft brewing has been especially hit hard. We have reached out to find out what its like to try and keep business thriving while the country remains largely indoors. Paul and Rachel Szlaga of Brewery Faisan, located in an eclectic Detroit neighborhood, were nice enough to take some time out of operations to speak with us about what it’s like to be operating in the midst of the uncertain.

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Beer & Book Club | #GIRLBOSS

May 2, 2017 |

Welcome to the third installment of the Beer & Book Club series! I love the idea that each month a new individual can highlight a great read and a delicious brew to go along with it. When one pictures the craft beer world a few common themes repeat: beards, barrel-aged and hops (lots of hops). That is why for my first Beer & Book report I wanted to highlight some serious girl power. Read More

Women in Brewing | Julia Herz – Brewers Association

August 9, 2016 |

As we approach Julia Herz at the booth at the Vail Big Beers fest, she’s standing with Executive Chef Adam Dulye, purveying toffee and craft beer samples. Enthusiastically, she encourages us to give the pairing a try and we do so willingly. The confection is a 70% dark chocolate with almonds, toffee and a sweetness level calculated to complement the malt bill of the beer, Baere Brewing Company’s Big Hoppy Brown. It’s a pairing tastier than we even imagined — the delicious hop character of the brown ale comes forward as the rich, malty, nutty sweetness takes a backseat. As we wash down the last of the toffee, we chat with Julia on her long history in the brewing community.

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Women in Brewing | Ali Benetka – Ratio Beerworks

January 5, 2016 |

Brewing has been a part of the world since the dawn of civilization; some have even claimed that beer has helped influence the evolution of our species. In many eras, brewing was largely a woman’s job. Men began to dominate the field starting in the Renaissance period and even more so during The Industrial Revolution as brewing operations scaled to mass production. Today Colorado is one of the biggest beer states in the country with cities such as Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver offering some of the best beer available. However, men still notoriously hold the title “brewmaster” more often than women. As females in the industry, we felt compelled to highlight some of the talented women who currently make Colorado beer, the paths they took to their currently role in the industry, and the awesome work they are doing on a daily basis.

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