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Roundtable Discussion: If I Had 500 Million Dollars

Roundtable Discussion: If I Had 500 Million Dollars

What would you do if you won the Powerball? 500 million dollars to be exact.  What would you do with 500 MILLION dollars… well more likely 250-300 million after taxes but who’s counting?  Well we decide pose this ridiculous scenario to our staff to see what would transpire.

Scott-Pay off the house, and then I’d do nothing but travel. I have a list of places I want to visit that keeps growing, so I’d try to hit up every spot on that list.

CVM- Um, well obviously my first move is to get a pet hedgehog. They are illegal in New York City where I reside, but with my new found fortune, I could easily pay for a hot shot lawyer to get me out of any legal repercussions.  I would also use a portion to try to make Chuck Lorre just stop.

Mike R- Besides 2 chicks at the same time?

Coit- I’d obviously take the lump sum over the monthly payments. Put half of it in a high interest savings account, and with the rest I’d do my best impression of “Brewster’s Millions“.

Andy- This.

Coit- Shit. Auto-win goes to Mike.
Nik- I’d pay God to make winter last only through December.
Drew-  Having previously contemplated the practicalities of Scrooge McDuck’s money pit swimming pool, may I suggest a paper money pit swimming pool instead of a coin money pit swimming pool?  I feel after everything is said and done, you’ll thank me.  Perhaps with a portion of your fortune.
Lindsay- I’d pay off all my debts, buy a house so I could stop renting shitty apartments, let my dad retire from his life-sucking job, and then travel my ass off.
Chris- My family would get the majority of the money for however they see fit. A bit would go towards education grants and then I would try and be like Gunther Holtorf. He and his wife have been traveling the world for the last 23 years in a Mercedes G-Wagon they affectionately nicknamed ‘Otto’ – that would be cool.
Will- In Denver there is a spot where all the bums hang out that I have dubbed the Bumuda Triangle. I would take out 20k in singles and make it rain on that place. Just kidding, I would actually purchase my family’s ranch and build a nice house on it for Lynn and myself to live on. Probably brew, drink, and travel repeat  to occupy our time.
Laura M- I’d buy a Rolls Royce.  I got to drive one for work once, and it ruined me forever.


  1. Wood

    I’d set aside $10 million for myself, my friends, and my family… and then I’d give the rest to Joss Whedon, with the stipulation that he bring back Firefly.

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