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Odell Brewing Company- 5 Barrel Pale Ale

5 barrel pale ale

When I first moved to Colorado and discovered the wide world of craft beer, I fell into a dreamatorium universe of hops.  So it doesn’t come to any surprise that I wasn’t initially taken to Odell Brewing Company’s 5 Barrel Pale Ale, because simply put, I didn’t find it hoppy enough.   To be fair it is a Pale Ale, not an IPA and I was also comparing it to the likes of Odell’s IPA, New Belgium’s Ranger, and Ska’s Modus Hopperandi.  Apples to Oranges.

But recently I revisited this pale ale and found it much greater to my liking. 5 barrel does contain a slight bitter initial hit and finishes crisp and sweet. What it lacks in over the top hops it makes up for in drinkability.  This is the perfect after work beer to help calm the nerves and satisfy the taste buds.

5 Barrel is a classic example of what I’ve recently loved most about my own beer journey.  Much like Mama’s Lil Yella Pils, and several others, I’ve found that while some beers may not resonate initially, throughout time my palate has changed and now these beers are worth re-visiting.  I highly encourage you to give it a shot in revisiting a few beers you may not have enjoyed as much initially and share your findings as well!



  1. Constable

    I had the opposite experience with 5 Barrel pale ale. As a craft beer infant, I thought that 5 Barrel pale ale was the hoppiest thing I had tasted. It really was my go to beer in college and helped me get into hoppier beers. I recently revisited this beer although it was not as hoppy as I remember it was still a great beer.

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