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River Horse Belgian Freeze

River Horse Belgian Freeze
Katie Chaffee

River Horse Belgian Freeze

ABV: 8%

Adult kickball leagues are great. The nostalgic feel of playing kickball in my backyard with my cousins is nice, but when you add beer to that, it’s fantastic. Last Thursday, I had the privilege of substituting in a kickball league in Cincinnati and was pleasantly surprised when I was offered some unique beers by a fellow teammate. One beer I particularly enjoyed was called River Horse Belgian Freeze, brewed and sold only in New Jersey. Therefore, if you ever find yourself visiting Jersey, I highly recommend you buy some of these beers to ease yourself into the experience of some Jersey Shore-esque behavior that seemed to have taken over the state. 

Anyways, onto the actual beer. At eight percent ABV, this beer instantly gave me some liquid confidence in the kickball field. It pours out a dark reddish brown hue and has almost a sweet scent to it. The flavor is also somewhat sweet and fruity with flavors of raisins, clove, and a light hint of malt that combine together nicely to make this beer go down extra smooth.

I would definitely say this beer is a winter drink, but with this temperamental weather over here on the mid-east side of the country, I am a little hesitant to put away my winter ales for the season just yet. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who are already fully in the spring season, this beer is just something to get excited about for next winter.

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