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Cape May Brewing Company | Summer Catch

Cape May Brewing Company | Summer Catch

Heading down to the Jersey Shore is a rite of passage for all of those who reside in the Philadelphia area. Summer hasn’t officially hit until one makes the short drive to the Atlantic Ocean, strolls on the boardwalk and enjoys some relaxation in the sand. And obviously, a crucial piece to the puzzle of that relaxation is which beer(s) gets packed. Although now, there is no longer a need to logistically figure out that choice before hitting the road. With new breweries opening up shop all along the coastline, your options when arriving are bountiful. And if you find your way to the southern tip of the state, Cape May Brewing Company awaits you.

We Are All WITnesses

Summer Catch is Cape May’s interpretation on a conventional Belgian witbier taken to the next level with some modern-day flare coming from the ingredients and techniques used.       

Right away, this beer has a look letting any drinker know that it will hit the spot on a hot day. It has a vivid, yellow color with a slight haze as tiny bubbles aggressively race to the top of the foamy head. The aroma has a familiarity classic to Belgian witbiers. Clove, peppercorn and bubblegum hit the nose first before a welcoming scent of citrus like of tangerine, grapefruit and lemon stand out.

Once the glass is tilted back, the light but pronounced body gives off a prickly, crisp mouthfeel. Being a wit, the considerable portion of wheat in the grain bill gives the beer a cracker-like taste and allows a smooth drinking experience. There are also many other satisfying traits found in the beer traditional to the style. The spiciness can be picked out with the peppercorn from the nose, recognizable along with the clove. An enjoyable, grassy, herbal attribute is present, giving the beer an earthy feature.

There is also a bitterness from the Citra and Amarillo hops that were used that adds a new-age twist, while simultaneously merging nicely with the backbone of Belgian characteristics. This fruity bitterness, resembling oranges, helps make this beer a perfect companion to a warm summer day by the water.

Summer Catch is both refreshing and crushable, while maintaining a sturdy body and flavors appealing to all who consume this beer. Before heading outside to soak up some Vitamin D, make sure to throw a few cans of this thirst-quencher of a beer from Cape May Brewing Company in the cooler!

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  1. Cape May Brewing makes some outstanding beers, and they are among The PubScout’s favorites. Bounding Main and Coastal Evacuation are really first class NEIPAs. I enjoyed your review.
    Just one question about Summer Catch: “Flare” (as in fire) or flair (as in showmanship or style)?

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