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Anchorage Brewing Co. – Whiteout WitBier

Anchorage Brewing Co. – Whiteout WitBier
Philip Joyce

Whiteout WitBier – Anchorage Brewing Company

6.5% ABV

Even though a few days late for a New Year’s celebration, Anchorage Brewing Company‘s Whiteout WitBier is a bottle that is worthy of popping at any momentous occasion. This decidedly funky Witbier pairs perfectly with your most outRAGEous party. Put on your favorite party hat, crank up the jams and get after it!Even before opening the bottle, the subterranean yeasty mound at the bottom of the bottle is evidence of something exciting to come. Like the Black Pearl rising from the seabed, the yeast begins to writhe and enter suspension with the rigor of a giant sea monster. Aromas of Brettanomyces and wheaty-funk fill the air with a cloud far more inviting than the smoke screen of said sea monster. Upon lurking in your mouth, the malty grains, wheat notes and champagne dryness leave a slimy coating of saliva in the mouth. On escaping the palate this sea monster finishes tart and amazingly refreshing. This beer defies the saying that ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’. Sea monsters like this Wit Bier grow to be world-record size off the coast of Alaska. Find this monster and enjoy with your favorite Alaskan sea food.

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