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Brewing and Tasting the Porch Pounder Hibiscus Wit

Brewing and Tasting the Porch Pounder Hibiscus Wit
Will Dozier

Everyone who has ever homebrewed always aspires to see one of their recipes brewed on a commercial system. A few months ago, Tristan, our fearless leader, approached Phil and I to create a beer recipe for PorchDrinking’s 1 year anniversary. We partnered with the Mountain Sun Breweries to create a unique beer that captures the spirit of PorchDrinking.

Phil mashing in the Porch Pounder
Phil mashing in the Porch Pounder

We wanted the beer to be very approachable and highly sessionable without sacrificing flavor and individuality.

Whole Organic Hibiscus Flowers
Whole Organic Hibiscus Flowers

We started with a base Belgian wit-bier that was spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel. Then we threw in whole organic hibiscus flowers to tart and color things up a bit. The Porch Pounder Hibiscus Wit was born. We got to brew the beer with the talented Jeff Ramirez, the head brewer of the Mountain Sun location. Jeff was an all around outstanding guy with a wealth of knowledge.The brewing experience was fun and has been one of the highlights of my homebrewing career.

5 extra gallons got pitched with Cantillon yeast
5 extra gallons got pitched with Cantillon yeast

We got to collect an extra 5 gallons of wort for ourselves which we pitched a mix of Cantillon yeasts into (look for more in a future post).

Last night, the Porch Pounder went on tap at Vine Street Pub in Denver and will go on tap today at the Mountain Sun and Southern Sun locations in Boulder, CO.

The beer pours a hazy pink with a white frothy head. The Porch Pounder delivers aromas of light grainy wheat aromatics. The coriander and bitter orange peel are subdued by the tartness and floral aromas of the Hibiscus. The first sip reveals a rustic wheatyness with light peppery undertones that moves into a pleasant tartness. Citrus and tropical fruit are present throughout. Porch Pounder is refreshingly crisp with a great dry tart finish. This beer is extremely easy to drink and as the name indicates perfect for tossing back a few on the porch. The Porch Pounder will be on tap at all three of their locations till the run out. So go out this weekend and drink pink with a Porch Pounder.

Me and Lynn tasting the Porch Pounder
Lynn and I enjoying the Porch Pounder


  1. Drew

    I’ve never been so upset that a beer wasn’t available in my area.

  2. Lindsay Krumel

    ^ I second that.

  3. Drew, Lindsay, we might not be able to have the exact version, but we may be able to eventually get yall an abbreviation of it.

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