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Faking Adulthood | Ordering Wine

wine pour
Kate Stark

Even the beer snobbiest of beer snobs will likely order a bottle of wine at some point in their adult life. If you’re not accustomed to the process it can seem a little daunting, but it’s simple enough once you know to expect.


Decisions, Decisions

Red or White? If only it were so easy. Different kinds of wines go better with certain kids of foods, just as beers have foods they compliment (and are complimented by) most. Luckily, has created a infographic that straightens it all out.

Wine Service

After you’ve ordered, your server will bring the bottle to you table. Then there is a whole process ┬ácentering around the person who chose the bottle. First, the server will show you the bottle to ensure they’re brought the correct one. Once you acknowledge that it is in fact the bottle you wanted, they will uncork it and hand you the cork. Don’t sniff it! You just want to check that the wine hasn’t gone all the way through it. If wine got out, air got in. Then you’ll get a test pour. Once you sniff it and sip it to check for any weird smells, and give your server the go-ahead, they’ll pour for the table. Then you’re free to enjoy!

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