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Great Divide- Yeti Imperial Stout

yeti imperial stout

harry 2Great Divide, Denver, CO
Yeti- Imperial Stout (Perennial)
9.5 % ABV
75 IBU

With Halloween recently ended, I thought it was prevalent to include a costume idea for next year. Whether is be a fictional superhero, our favorite movie character, or the most elusive monster in American culture, our ambitions know no bounds. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to spot a seven-foot Sasquatch walking around.

While everyone is looking for their next treat, Colorado’s local legend is up to his normal tricks, throwing snowballs, scaring campers, stealing picnic baskets (Okay, maybe that is just Yogi and Boo Boo). Enter Great Divide’s Yeti, a superb imperial stout. For those who like motor oil color libations chilled slightly below room temperature, this is the right up you alley.

Pouring out like the upcoming dark sky we should all come to expect after fall back this weekend, thankfully it isn’t nearly as depressing as the outlook coming/going to and from work without sunshine. While we have certain expectations of what an Imperial Stout should taste like and how heavy a punch it should pack, especially with a name like Yeti, it certainly is a treat to be buzzing after one of these upper niners (No, I wasn’t calling from a walkie-talkie).

Breaking down the body, the head is of this beer is about as non-existent as the headless horseman and is much more enjoyable than the new TV show that recently aired. The strong roasted profile will make these upcoming dark nights easier to endure when just about all after work activities are restricted to the indoors, like mediocre television. Yet again I find myself subbing out the normal chocolate treats of Halloween for the chocolaty goodness in the stout family, especially when someone gets me on the subject of Philadelphia sports.

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