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The Faces of Stone’s Punishment

Will Dozier

Last week a group of writers and friends got together to taste Stone Brewing’s Punishment. If you have not heard about this hellish creation, Stone’s Punishment is 2013 Double Bastard Ale brewed with freshly harvested peppers and aged in bourbon barrels. This has created one of the hottest beers that will ever grace your tongue. If you don’t believe us read Cory’s review here.  We decided it would be fun to put our taste buds through the Punishment. Along the way we documented “The Faces of Stone’s Punishment.” Thank you to Billy of BillyBrew for joining us in this fiery ride and a big thank you to Corkscrews Wine Storage of Denver for hosting our tasting.

Corkscrews is the perfect location not just for wine storage but also to age those special beers you’re wanting to hold on to for a while.


  1. Jason B

    Looks like pure bliss. I wish I could have partaken.

  2. Drew

    Tristan’s use of Tums seems a little pathetic.

  3. It was a prop! I didnt actually use it, in fact, I went back for seconds!

  4. Lindsay Krumel

    T-Chan’s faces are the best! And I second Jason! I love spicy beers!!!

  5. This is awesome! Great video! lol

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