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Getting a Woody – River North J Marie Barreled and Bretted

Getting a Woody – River North J Marie Barreled and Bretted
Will Dozier


River North BreweryJ. Marie Barreled & Bretted
Style: Farmhouse Ale Aged in Red Wine Barrels with Brett
ABV: 7.5% (I think)
Bottle Number: 8/360

One thing that I love is brettanomyces. I have always been intrigued with brettanomyces within my own beers and commercial beers (put some brett in it). I think that brett adds a whole different level of complexity. Last October during Great American Beer Fest, I learned that River North Brewery had taken some of their J Marie Saison and aged it for a year in red wine barrels along with some brettanomyces. I was very excited with this news as River North has been cranking out some very good beers since their inception in 2012. On January 4th, River North released their J Marie Barreled and Bretted. With only 360 bottles released at the brewery, this beer was very limited. Be on the lookout as River North may have a few more bottles at their tap room in Denver. Please join me as I taste this barreled and bretted creation.


J Marie Barreled and Bretted pours a hazy copper with a large white fluffy head that dissipates quickly. Light hay and grass come from the glass backed up by a funky oakiness. The smell rounds out with a wheaty doughiness. The beer has a light black pepper taste at the start. The taste is followed by hints of citrus. The beer moves towards hay and a light rustic funk. The beer finishes very heavy with red wine and oaky tannins. The beer lingers with sweet buttery oak. Overall the barrel and the brett  works well together. J Marie Barreled and Bretted could use some time to mellow the barrel character.


If you can get your hands on J Marie Barreled and Bretted make sure to get a few for the cellar. Aging will allow the barrel flavors to mellow and allow the brett to go to work and start changing those flavors.


WillyD Approved. This is one of my favorite releases from River North. It really takes a good base beer and makes it even better. I am very excited to hold on to a few and taste them in the years to come. J Marie Barreled and Bretted is a very good offering from a very good brewery in the ever expanding Denver brewery scene.



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