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Yazoo Brewing – Yazoo Pale Ale

Yazoo Brewing – Yazoo Pale Ale
Liz Riggs

ABV: 5.8%

Oh boy. You know that beer that you just always buy? The one that you see at the store as you promise yourself you’ll try something new, but then you still go back and buy the same trustworthy beer yet again? ¬†Well, that is how I operate with the one and only Yazoo Pale Ale.

On Friday, I drank four of these bad boys. Maybe five. Last night, I had two and spilled half of one on my roommate’s electric piano. For Christmas, I carried home a growler of this impeccable brew to Cincinnati and introduced the Yankees to the beauty of the southern beer.

This beer is just beautiful. It’s perfect on a cold winter day or a hot summer day. It’s balanced enough to drink four, but pumps enough hop to not really want to drink four.

Remember the first time you had a craft beer that you loved? It was this beer. Remember the first time you lived in a real city that wasn’t where you went to college and you went to the grocery store to pick up a local brew with a cool name so that you could go to an adult party with a six pack in hand? You picked up this beer. This is your beer, forever and always. God bless Tennessee.

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