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YOLO Brewing Company

yolo brewing

BeerStreetJournal recently reported the upcoming opening of YOLO Brewing Company slated for a spring launch Sacramento, CA. Based on all accounts from the brewery’s Facebook page (it’s only appropriate to cite a brewery’s social media page if it’s inspired by a hashtag), this is a real brewery that is inspired by the social media movement. This excerpt was taken from said Facebook page:

A year ago we heard Tony Magee (Founder of Lagunitas) exclaim that “Craft beer IS a form of social media… Craft beer is social… If your beer doesn’t engage and connect with the customer, you’ve got nothing”

As simple & functional as our brewery will be – the entire team at Yolo Brewing Company is energized to connect and engage with our friends, fans & customers. The Yolo Brewing Company experience will be immersive, creative, exploratory – as well as great tasting and fun!

We here at are always supportive of the growing craft beer movement, so we came together as a staff to develop potential beer names for the upcoming launch of YOLO Brewing Company. #YOLO

  • Don’t Tase Me Bro Bock
  • Affliction IPA randled pencil beard shavings
  • Nickleback Nitro
  • Black and Spray Tan
  • Popped Polo Porter
  • Wild
  • Ghost Ride the Wit
  • Ed Hardy Hefe on Handpull
  • Legend- wait for it- dary Lambic w/ Lactobrocillus
  • Brobon Barrel Tapout Stout
  • Smirnoff Eisbock
  • Barley Pop Porter aged in Crown Royal Barrels
  • The Rob Gronkstoutski
  • Quad Loko
  • Axe Body Spray Sour aged w/ Brottanomyces
  • All of which will be served on flat-brimmed flights… or in Brony Kegs

Please note these beer names are meant in jest and we here at wish the best for YOLO Brewing Company’s upcoming launch.


  1. Joseph Rau

    Don’t Taze Me Bro has got to be my favorite suggestion. Will try to make that happen! JR

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