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Harpoon The Long Thaw

Harpoon The Long Thaw

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 45

Harpoon Brewery

Since starting PorchDrinking people have on numerous occasions asked me what my favorite beer was. Like most people who have had their share of craft beers, that kind of question is nearly impossible to answer. At any given time it can depend on the weather, the season, the mood, the company. Beer is dynamic and so is your palate.

During the spring, my beer of choice begins to wane from the thick, dark, cocoa influenced Stouts and toward the crisp, hopped but mellowed flavors of White IPAs. Two years ago I discovered my first white IPA in the form of Deschutes’ Chainbreaker. And this year I’ve fallen for Harpoon’s aptly named The Long Thaw.

Like most White IPAs, Harpoon The Long Thaw carries the expected qualities of a milky golden appearance, along with an approachable hop presence, that doesn’t overwhelm. What differentiates it from the rest is the crisp citrus and spice presence that lingers after first sip. These complex flavors add an awesome dynamic which compliments it’s drinkability factor.

As stated on the bottle, “Whether you’re hoping for more snow or anxious for warmer days, waiting can be tough… or not, if you’ve got this beer in your fridge.” I agree, whether you’re throwing one back while riding a lift up to a big powder run on the side of a mountain, or kicking back in shorts in a rocking chair, this brew from Massachusetts based Harpoon Brewery is just the ticket for these lingering spring months.

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