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HalfCut Beer Cafe

HalfCut Beer Cafe

HalfCut beer cafe opened it’s doors to a sunny April 18th afternoon. What a Good Friday that was! Specializing in local Cincinnati and Ohio beer, as well as crafts from all over the country, HalfCut is a new brew hub in Over The Rhine. Having a full house for their opening day, they knocked it out of the park. The walk-up bottle window was open, the bar was fully staffed, and they had great, friendly service. It was wall to wall with thirsty customers that had their thirst quenched with a variety of great beer to choose from. With 12 tap handles, there was a little something for everyone.

IMG_1218Being that I work across the street, the location could not have been better. After a long stressful day at work, you won’t need to guess where I’ll be heading to pick up some fresh beer for the night. Now that summer is just around the bend, and I have the perfect place to get my growler filled, my summer is certainly starting off golden like the color of Rhinegeist Zen, Bell’s Oberon, Fat Heads Trail Head, or even some Ithaca Flower Power which coincidentally made up some of the tapline offerings that week. On top of being able to fill 32 and 64 oz growlers of fresh delicious beer, there are also single craft bottles available to go. With a walk up window, getting fresh from the keg beer is as easy as ordering fast food, except much much more satisfying – its a good thing I enjoy running or else I’d be in trouble.

Over The Rhine, has been continuing to boom with great restaurants, bars, breweries, and now beer cafes opening up on every corner. OTR has come a long way from the run down and dangerous area it used to be. The growth in businesses has boosted the economical value and quality of life in the area. Residents of Cincinnati have been flocking to the area for it’s rich art culture and fine dining. With the growing beer scene, people now have one more reason to come out of there winter slumbers and explore the great things Cincinnati has to offer.

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HalfCut Beer Cafe 

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