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Keweenaw Brewing Company – Pick Axe Blonde Ale

Keweenaw Brewing Company – Pick Axe Blonde Ale

I’m sitting here in the woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sipping on a Pick Axe Blonde Ale from Keweenaw Brewing Company. There’s snow on the ground, and I just hacked down a tree with a hatchet for the bonfire. I’ve got some good friends with me, and our dogs are chasing each other in circles.I’m counting on my pooch’s body heat to keep the tent warm tonight.

This camping trip is a going away party of sorts. 

I’m moving across the country to Utah in a week. Pick Axe was a no brainer for this trip, and not just because the can features a busty buxom blonde. It’s a crisp beer for the whole year round: refreshing for the heat of summer, not a belly filler but so much more substantial than your standard watered-down light beer. It’s nice and malty and sweet.

Pick Axe was the first craft beer I had when I moved to the Upper Peninsula from downstate Michigan six years ago. It’s a Yooper classic, the perfect beer for a campfire with good buddies in the springtime snow.

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