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Awesomesauce | Avocado

Laura Mego

As anyone who is in a long-term relationship knows, it’s not the big things that start the big fights, it’s the mundane; “Did you stop at the post office on the way home?”, “We’re out of paper towels”, “Grandma’s birthday party is on Sunday, why did you make plans with your friends?!”

Enter Avocado.

This productivity app is billed as the THE solution for couples with smartphones, but don’t let that (or it’s sappy intro page) fool you- it’s really helpful.  While the premise is lovey-dovey, the functions are very much utilitarian.  The concept is shared digital space with your significant other: you have to sign up as a couple, and register with your anniversary and birth dates, and then you keep track of your shared lives in the app. It has helpful tools such as private messaging, shared lists, a shared photo album, and a shared calendar to keep you both up to date, along with lovey ones that allow you to digitally hug or kiss your honey, or send them photos that show your mood.

While of course sweet and romantic for those who like to trade digital kisses and hugs with their main squeeze, they’re also practical: you can make a dual grocery list that is editable by both parties, add functions that you’re both required to attend to your group calendar, and add your in-laws’ birthdays to the app so that no one ever forgets to send Nana a birthday card again. One of the features that I find most helpful is the low battery notification- the app will notify you when your partner’s phone is low on battery life, so you’ll know if your sweetie is avoiding your calls or if they’re just playing too much Candy Crush Saga on their iPhone in line at the bank.

You can snag the app for Android here, for iPhone here, or you can bookmark the web app here, if you want to access your command center from your home computer.

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