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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

Arkansas Growler Laws

Just like every other week, I’ve compiled the craft beer news from around the country. This edition:  another state progressed forward, we will soon be able to tap any beer from home, and the PorchDrinkers partied like it was 1999. Keep reading to expand your craft beer knowledge and distract yourself from work that may have been in front of you. 2nd Anniversary Party

Photo Credit: Cory Pelc
Photo Credit: Cory Pelc


By far the biggest thing that happened in the craft beer world in recent times was the 2nd Anniversary Party. Two whole years? Yes, it’s been two years since this amazing community was formed. We celebrated with a giant bottle share, drinking some of the rarest and most delicious brews in the country. It was the best party ever (especially as the night went on). Check out the pictures/videos/summary of the shindig by clicking the link above or below!


Arkansas Liquor Law Changes

Arkansas Growler Laws
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As of last Tuesday, laws in Arkansas changed to now allow growlers (32 oz and 64 oz) to be filled at stores holding retail beer permits. Although beer sales are still prohibited on Sundays, this is a big step forward and very exciting for craft beer lovers in ‘The Natural State’. They can now enjoy all the freshest of freshies from their favorite local spots – not just what is canned.

Canned Beer Growing in Asheville

Burning Can Oskar Blues
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…because cans are cool. They also protect against light, get cold quickly, and you can take them to the pool. Sounds pretty great, right? The people of Asheville, NC think so. The canning craze occurred just in time to celebrate the Burning Can Festival hosted by Oskar Blues that took place on July 5th. Breweries in the area that don’t have the funds and facilities to support a canning line call on Asheville’s Land of Sky Mobile Canning to get the job done. Looks like it’s a win-win for everyone.

Craft Beer Industry has More Than Doubled in Size

Craft Beer America
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The United States Census Bureau released reports this week that show the number of craft breweries in the country has more than doubled in size from 2007 – 2012. One caveat to these numbers is that the Census Bureau did not account for brewpubs in their reports for breweries; brewpubs were counted as restaurants. No matter how everything was added up, one thing is clear: Americans love craft beer. Go America.

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So that we can all enjoy any beer fresh from the tap – in our own homes. I need a SYNEK.

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