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Event Preview | Chive Fest Denver

chive fest denver

When: Saturday, August 16th 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Where: City Park, Denver, CO

They call themselves the “Best Little Festival in the World” and you know what, with the musical lineup they’re bringing to Denver, it might be kind of hard to argue. Chive Fest, a 4 city mini music fest put on by The Chive, rolls into City Park in Denver this Saturday for a full afternoon of musical glory. For those unfamiliar with the website, it’s basically a random amalgamation of pop culture, randomness and a whole lotta boobs (think PorchDrinking but replace beer with boobs). For those even more out of the loop, this is the site that coined the phrase Keep Calm and Chive on, which was a spin off of the British WWII propaganda poster Keep Calm and Carry on. KCCO then spawned off an infinite number of less creative takes which old people still are quite confused about.

Cleavage and KCCO aside, Chive Fest Denver brings in a two stage lineup chock full of talent from the likes of Delta Spirit, Moon Taxi, Talib Kweli, White Denim and of course the headliners Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. From a musical standpoint, the lineup is extremely diverse but also talented across all genres. The Delta Spirit have been around the indie scene for a few years and bring a tremendous mix of indie, rock and folk. Moon Taxi, much newer to the scene sounds like a young version of Phoenix, White Denim I’ve heard puts on a tremendous live show, and after seeing Ed Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes perform at last year’s Mumford & Sons Gentleman of the Road Troy Stopover, I can boldly say this is a can’t miss performance. The interesting storyline of course is what the band will sound like after Jade Castrinos who’s voice paired perfectly with lead man Alex Ebert on a number of tracks, most notably “Home”.

We’ll also be intrigued to try the official concert brews from Resignation Brewery which seems to have been a project spawned from the parent company of The Chive, Resignation Media and contract brewed through Red Hook Brewery. The two offerings include KCCO Black Lager and KCCO Gold Lager.

kcco gold

The festival will also include local food vendors, a Nostalgia Tent (life-sized game of Operation anybody?), oversized ostriches, fireworks, cats, Chivettes (i.e. boobs), and enough glowing green that Denver Chive Fest will be visible from space. It’ll run from Noon to 10 p.m. and tickets are still available here. Also have a listen to our Chive Fest Playlist previewing Saturday’s lineup.

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