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4 Hands Brewing | Resurrected IPA

4 Hands Brewing Resurrected IPA

My 3 year old daughter asks me this question every night at dinner – “Daddy, may I sniff your beer?” She then daintily sticks her nose into the glass and takes a very theatric, deep inhale. When I ask her what it smells like, she always tells me the same thing, “It smells like beer.” As if I didn’t already love her enough? Though she gave me the usual reply on my recent can of Resurrected IPA from 4 Hands Brewing, I’m here to tell you that it smells MUCH more interesting than just beer.


I’m working on getting the nuances of beer tasting down but the first word that hit me was invigorating. As in, I want to jump up with a big grin on my face, heartily cheers a chalice of Resurrected with my fellow man and sing the Sound of Music song. You know that one where Maria is running through the mountainous fields of Austria? That kind of invigorated.


Consciously puling myself out of this absurd vision and focusing, I picked up sweet hop notes. Not biting pine hops, more like tropical island fruit – super bright and distinct. Mosaic hops, which Resurrected is brewed with, is described as being rich in mango, lemon and stone fruit notes. Fitting. It poured a deep, clear orange, almost amber color with a thick white head. Smooth mouthfeel and overall balanced taste makes for a very drinkable IPA. Six packs will not last long.


So what’s the story behind the name Resurrected? Not sure but one definition is “revive the practice, use, or memory of something” or “bring new vigor to.” With that in mind, I think it’s fair to say this IPA could bring new vigor to anyone mired in the purgatory of fizzy yellow beer. Resurrecting what beer should be even.


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