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Ultimate 6er | Six Craft Lagers to Trick David Chang

Ultimate 6er | Six Craft Lagers to Trick David Chang
Chris Day

Celebrity chef David Chang set the internet ablaze earlier last week when GQ published his paean to watery industrial pale lagers “My Name is David Chang, and I hate Fancy Beer.” While less incendiary than the title might suggest, the article provoked intense rebuttals from many in the craft beer community including fellow New Yorker Garrett Oliver. Even our own Tristan Chan weighed in on the subject in this week’s Happy Hour post. While I don’t share Chang’s love of crappy beer, I’m sympathetic to his anti-snobbery concerns and can understand wanting light, crisp brews that are refreshing and don’t overwhelm your tastebuds while eating food. I’m sure hordes of beer writers are at this very moment penning intelligent and passionate essays about the many reasons beer pairs better with food than almost any beverage out there–and they’re right–but I doubt Chang will read them. I suggest a more nefarious solution: let’s just trick him.

It won’t be easy – David Chang is a smart guy with a sophisticated palate. He’ll probably smell an IPA coming a mile away and reject any dark beer on sight. Luckily for us, you taste first with your eyes. In the dark light of a restaurant or bar, pale lagers all look pretty much the same. This is where we must make our approach. After he pounds a half-dozen or so Natty Lights, perhaps we can sneak one of these golden-hued, quality craft lagers under his radar.


Upslope Brewing Co. | Upslope Craft Lager

Upslope Craft LagerBoulder, CO
4.8% ABV

Chang loves Mexican pale lagers like Tecate, so let’s start him off easy by pouring this light bodied, easy-drinking beer with little bitterness and that pleasingly familiar corny note.

Left Hand Brewing Co. | Polestar Pils

Left Hand Polestar PilsLongmont, CO
5.5% ABV

Polestar might look exactly like your average macro swill, but a sip will reveal an imposter bearing bready and crackery malt paired with floral and citrusy hops.

Upland Brewing Co. | Champagne Velvet

Upslope Champagne VelvetBloomington, IN
5.2% ABV

He loves champagne and fizzy yellow beer with food, so… win win? I bet three pork buns this beer tastes better with crabs than Natty BOH.

Victory Brewing Co. | Throwback Lager

Victory Throwback LagerDownington, PA
5.4% ABV

Chang speaks fondly of industrial lagers, so let’s serve him an authentic take on the style that honors the glory days of American lager brewing.

Sixpoint Brewing | The Crisp

Sixpoint The CrispBrooklyn, NY
5.4% ABV

The light hopping and cereal maltiness in this craft lager will make Chang feel right at home. Best of all, it comes in a can!

Brooklyn Brewery | Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn LagerBrooklyn, NY
5% ABV

It’s only fitting that Chang’s final betrayal should come at the hands of his friend Garrett Oliver. Simply disguise this excellent pre-prohibition-style golden lager using labels from his beloved Bud Light bottles.




There we have it – six easy opportunities to trick David Chang into drinking craft beer. If you’re lucky enough to be the first person to snap pictures of him enjoying snob juice, please blackmail for Momofuku Ko reservations or at least a couple Crack Pies.

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