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The Newsroom Drinking Game

the newsroom
  • On November 9, 2014

So by now, you’ve probably realized we’re pretty into pop culture themed drinking games. If there’s one show we geek out on more than House of Cards it’s likely HBO’s The Newsroom (many of us here at PorchDrinking were broadcast journalism majors in college). In honor of tonight’s premiere of the third and final season, we thought we’d compile another drinking game for Will McAvoy and the entire gang over at The Newsroom. Special thanks to Drew Troller, Justin Vicroy, Kate Stark, Cleo Tobbi, Brady Akers, and Tristan Chan for contributing to The Newsroom Drinking Game.

Take 1 Drink When:

A story comes across the wire, and changes from orange & goes to red.

There’s uncomfortable levels of sexual tension between Maggie and Jim.

Neal pitches a news story from the Internet and no one takes him seriously.

Neal mentions bigfoot.

Neal pitches a news story from the Internet and no one takes him seriously.

There’s some eye-rolling physical comedy – Jim running into a door, Jim falling out of a chair, Jim trips going down the stairs…

Don is called a jerk.

Sloan speaks Japanese on-air.

Sloan mentions her post-grad degree.

Drink when Charlie mentions that he was a marine.

Gary and Kendra try to show one another up.

You hear the director making calls to the technical director. (Shout out to the control room)

There if a problem with a graphic.

Someone says the words “Registered Republican”.

Drink anytime Mac gives Will a lecture.

Drink when people say where they went to college.

ACN breaks a story and is the only one to report on it correctly.

Will rips apart members of the Tea Party

Will completely owns someone during an interview.

2 drinks for any time Charlie Skinner says Fuck in any context.

2 drinks anytime Leona Lansing curses.

Reese Lansing does something slimy.

HALF a drink whenever Mac acts unprofessionally. Gotta pace yourself with those.

Drink if the intern that Will crushed in season 1 actually does anything relevant to the show

1 drink when Newsnight rolls footage of actual news that happened (Obama, John Boehner, Putin…), but 2 drinks whenever they roll footage of news that Aaron Sorkin is making up for the show (remember Operation Genoa???)

If there’s a Sorkin-esque speech about morals and integrity and civilizing the national discourse: Get a stopwatch. 1 drink for every 15 seconds the speech continues. Good luck.

Finish your drink if anyone ever asks Maggie, “Hey, remember last year… So what was the deal with your hair?”

Finish your drink if Nina Howard does something morally upstanding.

Finish your drink if Leona Lansing does something morally upstanding.

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