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2015 Mountain Sun Stout Month Lineup

mountain sun stout month

They say its always important to have something great to look forward to, and for many, thats the month of February. Forget the flowers, Hallmark cards, and chocolates… well maybe keep the chocolates, they’ll come in handy, to Front Range Coloradans, February isn’t about the commercial hype of Valentine’s Day, but rather, the glorious yearly return of Stout Month. And while the Centennial State hasn’t had to deal with polar vortexes or Snowpacalypses this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t sidle up to a roasty, chocolatey, stout to brighten our winter mood.

For a full history on Mountain Sun’s illustrious Stout Month history, check out our original post where I sat down with John Fiorilli and dialed the clock back on Stout Month’s humble beginnings. However for all of those beer nerds out there, lets cut to the chase. Here’s the initial rundown on the 2015 Mountain Sun Stout Month Lineup! (As this lineup changes we’ll keep updating this post so bookmark this page and check back frequently)

vine street stout month

Mountain Sun Stout Month 2015

House Beers (Rotating Selection)

  1. 48 Smooth Chai Stout
  2. Casual Friday Stout
  3. Cherry Chocolate Stout
  4. Chocolate Dip Stout
  5. Coconut Cream Stout
  6. Dark Harvest Pumpkin Stout
  7. Dropkick Stout
  8. Girl Scout Stout
  9. Korova Cream Stout
  10. Norwegian Wheat Stout
  11. Old School Irish Stout
  12. Sharkbite Foreign Stout
  13. Space Odyssey Stout
  14. Stoked Oak Stout
  15. The KRAKEN
  16. Thunderhead Stout
  17. Trickster Stout
  18. Yonder Mountain Stout
  19. *Mutual Respect Belgian Coffee Stout – Collaboration with O’Dell Brewing Co.

Imperial Stouts

  1. Addiction Imperial Coffee Stout
  2. Megatron Imperial Stout
  3. NIHILIST Russian Imperial Stout
  4. Oatimus Prime Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Barrel-Aged Stouts

  1. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Addiction Imperial Coffee Stout
  2. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stoked Oak Stout (Totally Stoked)
  3. Chocolate Thunder Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

New Releases

  1. **Raspberry Chipotle Stout – Stout Month Home Brew Competition Winner
  2. Brett Stoudt American “Wild” Stout

*Mountain Sun’s third year collaborating with Odell Brewing Co.

**2015 Stout Month Homebrew Contest Winner

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john fiorilli vine street pub and brewery

Guest Stouts (Comprehensive List)

  • Avery Brewing Mephistopheles’ Stout
  • Backcountry Brewery Breakfast Stout
  • Big Choice Brewing #42 Poblano Stout
  • The Brew On Broadway (BoB) Social Club Coffee Milk Stout
  • Cannonball Creek Brewing Almond Chocolate Stout
  • Comrade Brewing Koffee Kream Stout
  • Copper Kettle Brewing Mexican Chocolate Stout
  • Crabtree Brewing Oatmeal Stout
  • Diebolt Brewing The Commodore Russian Imperial Stout
  • FATE Brewing Sudice American Stout
  • Gravity Brewing Oort Cloud Oatmeal Stout
  • High Hops Brewery The Dark One Milk Stout
  • Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout
  • Odell Brewing Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Odyssey Beerwerks Seething Cauldron Belgian Stout
  • Pagosa Brewing Soaker’s Oatmeal Stout
  • Renegade Brewing Depravity Imperial Peanut Butter Cup Milk Stout
  • River North Brewery Avarice Belgian-Style Imperial Stout
  • Sanitas Brewing Cinnilla Stout
  • Strange Brewing Chocolate Raspberry Love Stout
  • Telluride Brewing Ski-In-Ski-Stout
  • TRVE Brewing Stout O)))
  • Upslope Brewing Foreign Style Stout
  • Wild Woods Brewery Smores Stout
  • Wonderland Brewing Vaderade Irish Stout
  • Yak & Yeti Chai Milk Stout

Stout Month Special Events

Meet the Brewer Fridays- 

Each Friday, from 6-8 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to sample stouts, tour the brewery and chat with the brewery staff at both the Southern Sun and Vine Street locations.

Focus on Imperial Stouts-

This year, Mountain Sun has decided to put an emphasis on Imperial Stouts, by releasing one Imperial Stout each Tuesday during Stout Month (and two on 2/10!)

Key Dates-

Week One

Sunday – 2/1 – Stout Month 2014 Kickoff

Tuesday – 2/3 – Beer Release – Chocolate Thunder Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

  • Our Imperial version of a traditional Milk Stout is opaque and full-bodied with a soft, velvety texture from additions of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk sugar. Chocolate Thunder has assertive flavors of chocolate, vanilla and oak from several months aging in Maker’s Mark Bourbon Barrels. 10% ABV – $8.00 Snifter; $4.75 Sampler

Friday – 2/7 – Meet The Brewer/Beer Fridays

Week Two

Tuesday – 2/10 – “Duel” Beer Release – Dueling Imperials featuring Megatron American Imperial Stout and Oatimus Prime Imperial Oatmeal Stout

  • Megatron American Imeperial Stout – This American-Style Imperial Stout has dominant flavors of chocolate and roast balanced by huge citrus and pine flavors contributed by American hop varieties. The California Ale yeast has a clean fermentation profile and accentuates the flavors of the malts and hops. 7% ABV – $6.25 Snifter; $3.75 Sampler
  • Oatimus Prime Imperial Oatmeal Stout is dark and rich with flavors of chocolate from the blend of roasted grains balanced by warming notes of alcohol. A large addition of Golden Naked Oats lends aromas of oatmeal cookie as well as contributing to the smooth texture and full mouth-feel. 13% ABV – $6.25 Snifter; $3.75 Sampler

Go for a side-by-side tasting and let the dueling flavor profiles turn your palate into a battlefield of flavor. Order a 6 oz. pour of each for only $7.50!

  • Friday – 2/13 – Meet The Brewer/Beer Fridays

Saturday – 2/14 – Valentine’s Day Beer Releases!

  • Cherry Chocolate Stout – Our Valentine’s Day tradition! This Cherry Chocolate Stout is brewed with Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and a blend of over 300 pounds of Dark Sweet Cherries and Red Tart Cherries. The flavor leaves the impression that you’ve just eaten a dark chocolate-covered cherry! 2% ABV – $5.00 Pint; $2.00 Sampler
  • Strange Craft Brewery – Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Love Stout – Brewed for Stout Month and Valentine’s Day, this stout uses raw organic cocoa nibs from Ghana, is fermented with a special Belgian yeast and is aged on almost 40# of raspberries. 0% ABV – $7.50 Tulip; $4.50 Sampler

Week Three

Tuesday – 2/17 – Beer Release – NIHILIST Russian Imperial Stout

  • Brewed with a massive quantity of roasted malts, this beer is balanced with a hefty dose of Orange Blossom Honey. A generous portion of Chinook and Amarillo hops and a drier finish lend to a unique drinkability not often associated with Imperial Stouts. Complex notes of coffee, chocolate, orange and cherry fill the palette, while an ample addition of bittering hops ensure a smooth ride all the way to the last drop. 3% ABV – $6.25 Snifter; $3.75 Sampler

Friday – 2/20 – Meet The Brewer/Beer Fridays

Week Four

Tuesday – 2/24 – Beer Release – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Addiction Coffee Imperial Stout

  • Our coffee-infused Imperial Stout has assertive flavors of coffee and malt flavors which suggest chocolate, dark fruit and caramel complemented by vanilla, oak and bourbon flavors from aging for several months in Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrels. 5% ABV – $8.00 Snifter; $4.75 Sampler

Thursday – 2/26 – Chop Contest at Longs Peak Pub – Totally Stoked Release

Friday – 2/27 – Chop Contest at Vine St. Pub – Totally Stoked Release and Meet The Brewer/Beer Fridays

Saturday 2/28 – Chop Contest at Mountain Sun Pub – Totally Stoked Release

Finally, each Thursday during Stout Month, one pub will tap a keg of Avery Mephistopheles’ Stout upon opening. For the final week they’ll be serving up TWEAK, the coffee-infused version at Southern Sun

  • Thursday – 2/5 – Mephistopheles’ Tapping at Long’s Peak Pub, Longmont, CO
  • Thursday – 2/12 – Mephistopheles’ Tapping at Mountain Sun Pub, Boulder, CO
  • Thursday – 2/19 – Mephishtopheles’ Tapping at Vine St. Pub, Denver, CO
  • Thursday – 2/26 – TWEAK – Southern Sun Pub, Boulder, CO

Love Stout Month? Are you a craft beer fanatic? Do you love barrel aging stouts, porters, pizza, apple pie and freedom? Please consider sharing this post with friends! Also follow us on Twitter at@PorchDrinkingCO or on Facebook.

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