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Cooking with Beer | Top 5 Recipes for NFL Sunday

Cooking with Beer Apricot Sweet Chili Wings

Since the NFL Sunday is really just a weekly holiday of food disguised as a football game, I’m bringing you five recipes instead of one. If you follow Drink and Spoon religiously, you may have seen some of these recipes before. If not, welcome to the wonderful world of Cooking with Beer. As you travel through this list of good eats, you’ll see that I have laid out a step-by-step guide on how to properly prepare all of these dishes throughout NFL Sunday. Enjoy and may the best appetizer win!

Rauchbier Baked Beans

Start your Sunday by loading up the Crock-Pot with a few simple ingredients that will lead to one bad ass batch of baked beans. What better way to add smokey flavors to beans than with a rauchbier? Fort Collins Brewery’s Out of the Ashes is a campfire in a bottle and it will smoothly impart it’s essence into the beans as you prepare for the football smack down of the week.

Rauchbier Baked Beans

Bacon and Chive Deviled Eggs Made with Baba Black Lager Mustard

Relieve your grandma of her appetizer duty and volunteer to make the deviled eggs this year, except make yours ten times better. How? By adding beer-infused mustard, bacon and chives. Make the mustard now – use it for deviled eggs later.

Baba Black Lager Mustard Bacon and Chive Deviled Eggs

Pineapple Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

If game day grilling is your jam, get on these ASAP. The pineapple and Anniversary Ale cream cheese stuffed jalapeños don’t require too much work so throw them on the grill 10 minutes before the game starts and enjoy during the coin toss. I know the saying goes, “The more, the merrier,” but honestly, the less friends you have coming over, the more food you get to yourself.

Pineapple Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

Fried Beer-Battered Avocados

These crispy and creamy avocado bites are one of my most famous recipes and definitely one of my most delicious. If you can take your eyes off of Katy Perry’s ta-tas for a few minutes, cook these at half time as they will need to be served right after they pop out of the fryer.

beer battered avocados

Apricot Sweet Chili Hot Wings

They’re sweet, they’re spicy, and they’re finger-licking good. These wings are coated in a sweet chili sauce with an apricot-laced twist sprouting from Dry Dock Brewing’s Apricot Blonde. If you make the sauce early on, you can have a continuous flow of wings throughout the game.

Cooking with Beer Apricot Sweet Chili Wings

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