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Beer Cocktails | Winter Tattoo Cocktail

Beer Cocktails | Winter Tattoo Cocktail

Today I am sharing a beer cocktail recipe that contains bourbon and beer! What could be a better combination? I love making beer cocktails because they are so fun and refreshing. I used golden ale from Bad Tattoo Brewing out of Penticton, British Columbia. The golden ale is smooth and made with old world hops and crystal malts. The lightness of beer makes it perfect for a beer cocktail because it does not overwhelm the flavor of the cocktail. It is called ACP, which stands for Achieve, Conquer, and Persevere. The recipe is adapted from the cocktail Mister Three Step By John McCarthy, from Cedar Local + Bathtub Gin in NYC. I have made a bunch on beer cocktails in the past but have never used Campari. Let me tell you that the Campari and bourbon in this recipe is the perfect combination. Have you ever tried any Campari beer cocktails?


Winter Tattoo Cocktail Recipe

(Adapted from Mister Three Step By John McCarthy, Cedar Local + Bathtub Gin, NYC)


.5 ounces of Campari

.5 ounces of Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth

1 ounce of Bourbon

1 dash Blood Orange Bitters

Lager Beer

Garnish: Blood Orange Slice


In a glass combine Campari, Bourbon, Vermouth, and Blood Orange Bitters

Top glass off with Lager Beer

Garnish with a Blood Orange Slice

Yields: 1 serving


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  1. Kezia Ibarra

    Looks incredible! I am suddenly very thirsty!

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