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Cambridge Brewing Company | Tripel Threat

Trippel Threat
Raelina Krikston

Living in Colorado has many benefits, and as we all know, readily accessible microbrews are one of those perks. Because of this, it’s not often that I venture out of Colorado brews, but I’ve made an exception. All the way from Cambridge, Massachusetts is the Tripel Threat from CBC.

The Tripel Threat is a Belgian style tripel that could hold its own compared to any European brews. Fair warning, this beer is heavy duty. Clocking in at 10.0% ABV, the Tripel Threat is, as the name suggests, not a table beer.

The beer pours with a beautiful rich golden color and dense head. The nose gives it away as a classic tripel with a strong yeast presence in the nose with an apricot finish. On the first sip, I was surprised that the beer has a smooth and almost milky mouth feel. It was hot on the palette, but the boozey flavor was rounded out by the fruity apricot at the end.

Aroma: apricot, wheat, molasses
Taste: booze, cider, bitters


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