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Event Recap | Oyster & Stout Festival

Event Recap | Oyster & Stout Festival
Hannah Carlson

Photo and Video by Desiree Duzich

If you weren’t on Platte Street sipping on a delicious brew, slurping mouth-watering oysters, or snagging photos with a 95% naked man on Saturday, then what the actual “shuck.”

Last Saturday, on April 25th, Denver Beer Co. hosted their first Oyster & Stout Festival. The event celebrated a collaborative beer, the Blue Island Oyster Stout, a product of Denver Beer Co.’s partnership with Denver’s Seattle Fish Company.

The stout used “Naked Cowboy Oysters” from, appropriately, the Blue Island Oyster Company, who was in attendance.

“We met the Blue Island Oyster farmers through the Seattle Fish Company,” Charlie Berger, a Brewmaiste from the Denver Beer Co., explained how the event came to be. “We brainstormed about how we could collaborate and revive an old British Beer Style that brewed stout with oysters.”

Chris Quartuccio, from the Long Island-based oyster farm, gave us his thoughts on the finished product. “I’m really, really thrilled with the result. It was a home run.”

As you may have inferred, the oyster used in the briny brew is named after the infamous Times Square performer Robert John Burck. You may know him as the Naked Cowboy, who was there to sample the stout.

“Well I haven’t had a beer since college,” said the Cowboy. “It’s smooth. If I’m not mistaken it tastes like it has some Naked Cowboy Oysters in it.”

Overall, the event was a huge, “shucking” success. Take it from Seattle Fish Company’s Derek Figueroa.

“If we could continue to do this event, in collaboration with the Denver Beer Co., for the next 50 years, we’d be really happy,” said Figueroa. “It’s just a great celebration of good food and beer.”

To see highlights from Saturday’s event, including an exclusive performance from the Naked Cowboy, check out the video below.


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