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Unknown Brewing Co. | Kitten Snuggles Imperial Farmhouse Ale

Kitten Snuggles Unknown Brewing Co.

ABV: 9.0%

Kitten Snuggles is Unknown Brewing Company’s unofficial interpretation of what would happen if the internet brewed a beer. Inspired by cute and adorable kittens in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, this Farmhouse style ale is sure to appeal to even the most adamant dog lovers. 

You see, what happened was… Unknown Brewing Co. head brewer, Brad Shell, was in Portland, Oregon with friend, “Chris”, who told Shell about a local business that rents out kittens to snuggle and hug and love and hold and squeeze and, well, you get the point. It is an evil place that preys on the genetically inherited vulnerabilities of people to the adorable claw-filled fuzz-balls that are kittens. I know, because [looks up and to the distance] I too suffer from the same genetic defect that caused me to adopt a kitten after it hugged me. Yes, this cat actually hugged me!


“This is my favorite beer right meow and it will be yours too!”

– Brad Shell, Head Brewer Unknown Brewing Co.

What started as jokes about how awesome and funny it would be for a beer to have a name like “Kitten Snuggles” soon became a serious talk about a ridiculously absurd idea to brew a beer with the honor of bearing the name Kitten Snuggles. Oh, and there were lots and lots of cat videos (the struggle is real). As ideas became reality, Unknown Brewing Co. settled on an unfiltered Farmhouse style ale recipe that included milk sugar, apricots and catnip flowers in the brewing process. Topping out at 9.0% ABV, the beer deserved to have the word “Imperial” added to that name.

Unknown Brewing Co. Kitten Snuggles Imperial Farmhouse ale poured in a tulip glass next to the bottleTo celebrate Kitten Snuggles and kittens everywhere, Unknown Brewing Co. teamed up with Saving Southern Kittens and hosted a bottle release party. Cats and kittens rescued from kill shelters by the non-profit organization were present at the event. These feline inspirations were available for snuggling and adopting. Unknown Brewing Co. also held a photoshoot  that populated a 12 month calendar with pictures of brewery employees snuggling kittens from Saving Southern Kittens. These calendars were sold with proceeds benefiting the Saving Southern Kittens organization.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a bottle of this limited release brew. Kitten Snuggles poured with a cedar amber color and a white head that grew quickly. Scents of apricot, green tea and spices filled the aroma. Fresh out of the fridge, it was fizzy and nipped at the tongue. However, as the brew warmed up, it turned softer and more cuddly giving it a fuzzy, smooth feel. Similarly, the flavor improved with more time out of the fridge. Tastes of apricot, spices and hints of floral notes were at the acme of the flavor/temperature relationship. At 9.0% ABV, I was a little surprised at the subtlety of the nearly non-existent alcohol flavor.

If you are in the southeastern United States and are looking for a cute and adorable fur ball to snuggle, check out Oh, and if you were wondering, drinking a beer brewed with catnip did not result in any ill mishaps with my cat. Now, go find Kitten Snuggles RIGHT MEOW!

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