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S.A. Damm | Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm
Sydney Nielsen

So far, this summer has been a scorcher and in times of extreme heat, sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. A nice, cold beer can help ease the heat, quench the soul or at least take your mind off the inferno for a bit. Estrella Damm, my beer of choice for the hot, humid Chicago summer days, is inspired by my time spent living in Spain. Estrella Damm is the ultimate summer beer that has been trusted by Spaniards for over a century to satisfy and refresh during soaring temperatures.

I cannot think of a beer more refreshing than an ice-cold Estrella Damm served in a frozen glass during a long day in the sun. The pale amber color of this lager shines through the glass, promising to revive a tired, dehydrated soul. The pour is the most important element in truly experiencing the beer. A good inch or two of deliciously frothy, white head is ideal and will quickly disappear. The faint bready, fruity aroma sets the mood. At first taste, the lightly carbonated elixir expands in your mouth and transforms into a crisp, slightly fruity treat. After gulping down a few swigs, this lager finishes off refreshingly dry.

If you’re looking to try a beautifully simple, refreshing beer this summer, you cannot go wrong with a six pack of Estrella Damm and a freezer full of pint glasses. Trust in a beer influenced by the Balearic Sea, made for the steaming Spanish summers to see you through the gorgeous, sweatbox season.

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