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Cherry Creek Winery | Dancing Elephants

Cherry Creek Winery | Dancing Elephants
Danny King

ABV: 6%

I’m not normally a cider guy. I’m spoiled by good non-alcoholic cider in Michigan, and the different taste just confuses me. However, it’s the only type of craft beer that my boyfriend seems to actively enjoy (that’s in not small part to Vandermill of Grand Rapids coming to the Fall Detroit beer festival last year). Therefore, I ventured this summer in order to find something we can both enjoy. And the search came just in time. As The Rio Olympics pointed out in their bummer presentation, it’s historically hot and you gotta find a non-AC blasting way to keep cool on the strings of unbearably hot day. Delightfully, Cherry Creek Winery has decided to branch out from the grape game and created Dancing Elephants Hard Cherry Apple Cider.

and it gives you another beer to use your Delirium Tremens glass
Dancing Elephants gives you another beer to use your Delirium Tremens glass for.

Dancing Elephants is a clear, light pink color and smells like candy — specifically the warm Jolly ranchers that get sorta gooey on the outside if you leave them in your car too long (this reference brought to you by the minivan moms whose cars were always a cauldron of candy). The cider still has a bite but the tart cherry works to keep a crisp taste without creating a taste so sharp it causes you to pucker. The cherry flavor mixes with the apple evenly with no one fruit overpowering the other. Dancing Elephants has a good carbonation that bubbles on your tongue and lips. It is, most importantly, super chilling. Somehow it’s 30 degrees colder than the can you’re holding and fills your chest well. There’s a sweet, enduring cherry flavor that maintains long after.

As Cherry Creek is still dipping their toes into the beer business, it can be a bit hard to find. They’re based in the middle of Michigan but there’s a good deal of grocery and beer stores on the southeast side of the state, so I’m sure Beer City over on the west has a few four-packs lying around. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend spinning around town trying to find a can. It’ll become your new summer porch favorite two sips in.

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