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Cape Brewing Company | Amber Weiss

Cape Brewing Company | Amber Weiss
Lindsay Snyder

In a small coastal town just outside of Cape Town, South Africa, Cape Brewing Company confidently wades into the infant market of African craft beer. While the rest of the continent shifts from homebrewing or no beer at all, to macro brewing (with the help of SABMiller and Heineken), Cape Brewing Company keeps up with the beer market as we know it, with a range of styles and rotating seasonals to keep craft connoisseurs happy.

On this particular blustery yet sunny winter day in Cape Town, I reach for Cape Brewing Co.’s Amber Weiss. The weiss, like the architecture, the food, and the language in South Africa, is a relic of the European colonization that has left behind a fascinating blended culture, boasting the best of Europe and Africa all in one. It pours a golden orange, with a persistent white head. It’s aromatic and fruity, with a taste that matches the aroma, offering a slight hint of orange and banana amidst the buttery malt. It finishes slowly, with a lingering sweet taste. It’s a solid and unique experience, just like Cape Town.

African craft beer is sure to be a lucrative and fast-growing market in the coming years, and Cape Brewing Co. is setting the bar high for others who endeavor to get in on the action. With increasing demand for quality beer and a huge population to saturate, this is definitely a market to watch. The last frontier of craft beer is off to a promising start.

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