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What We’re Drinking | September 23rd, 2016

What We're Drinking

Have you ever been on a trip out of state and done quite a bit of beer shopping? You know, you casually search out all the best places to find local craft beer to drink while you’re on your trip. But you end up not drinking any of it because you’re attending a wedding that has plenty o’ booze, so you decide you should probably attempt to pack all the beer into your checked luggage. There’s no way it could be over 50 lbs, right? But you find out that your luggage is over the weight limit and have to remove 12 lbs worth of crap from your checked luggage and shove it into your carry-ons. You don’t know what that’s like? Oh good, neither do I.

Here’s what we’re drinking this week.

#07 | Small Batch Beer


“A hoppy wild ale aged in wine barrels. This oak aged beer is great!  The influx of kettle sour beer makes you forget about the subtleties of a good ale aged the old fashion way. An excellent floral nose with hints of the woody tartness that greets the tongue. Cheers!” – Chris Hollands


Westvleteren XII


“Westvleteren 12! Brought this baby back from Belgium last September. Mmmm it’s so figgy and quite spicy from the lovely Belgian yeast.” – Holly Gerard

Old Fashioned | Wicked Weed Brewing


“When you run outta bourbon and all you have left is…” – Josh Ritenour


Petit Sour Passion Fruit | Crooked Stave


“Can the Colorado Buffaloes really pull off a Michigan upset? Not sure. BUT I do know this Crooked Stave Petite Sour Passionfruit is delicious.” – K.C. Cunilio 


J Street | Hilton Head Brewing Co.


“I work 20 seconds from the best NE style IPA in the southeast. Hilton Head Brewing J street.” – Danele Bova


Brown Bear Brown Ale | Catawba Brewing Co.


“Rich dark malt flavor. It’s darker than other browns in color and flavor. I love it!” – John Pylant 


Saison Delivery | Trinity Brewing


“This is everything right now” – Hannah Carlson

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