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The Weekly Buzz | April 28 – May 4

Weekly Buzz

If there was one thing that helped me get through a rough week at work, it is knowing that the social media coordinator at Wicked Weed Brewing has a much harder job. Any time a craft brewer is bought out by big beer, you can be 100% certain that a twitterstorm of epic proportions is on the horizon. It’s a meteorological fact. Ask any scientist. I can’t even get Wicked Weed in my state, and it’s still a sad turn of events. My hatred of ABInBev burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. They’ll probably merge with Walmart next, forming the Buy-N-Large corporation, which will eventually force us from this planet to aimlessly roam the galaxy (a la the Disney/Pixar film Wall-E).

Anyway… I filled this week’s Weekly Buzz with a lot of extra shenanigans to offset the depressing nature of another AB-Inbev acquisition.

It’s almost like getting a golden ticket!

You had me at “free beer!”

Bacon? Beer?! Take my money!

Is it Philly Beer Week yet?

Follow that van!

The logic is airtight!

It’s so beautiful… I think I’m going to cry!

Need a new beer cocktail recipe?

Did you make it to Harrisburg Beer Week?

Bake this for me, please!

How did they do that?!

It’s a jungle out there!

How are you celebrating Mexican independence?

Look out, Illinois!

Enter to win!

Try to win this one, too!

The clock is ticking!

Any takers?

Congratulations, Sam!

Beer and music by the beach? I’m in!

Think you can drink 60 IPAs?

Longer hours means more craft beer enjoyment!

Another great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Shh… Don’t tell mall management… Be cool, bro…

Bring your helmet!

Creature Comforts is putting out an APB for this woman.

Did I miss anything exciting this week?

The reactions were swift and decisive.


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