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The Weekly Buzz | April 28 – May 4

Weekly Buzz

If there was one thing that helped me get through a rough week at work, it is knowing that the social media coordinator at Wicked Weed Brewing has a much harder job. Any time a craft brewer is bought out by big beer, you can be 100% certain that a twitterstorm of epic proportions is on the horizon. It’s a meteorological fact. Ask any scientist. I can’t even get Wicked Weed in my state, and it’s still a sad turn of events. My hatred of ABInBev burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. They’ll probably merge with Walmart next, forming the Buy-N-Large corporation, which will eventually force us from this planet to aimlessly roam the galaxy (a la the Disney/Pixar film Wall-E).

Anyway… I filled this week’s Weekly Buzz with a lot of extra shenanigans to offset the depressing nature of another AB-Inbev acquisition.

It’s almost like getting a golden ticket!

You had me at “free beer!”

Bacon? Beer?! Take my money!

Is it Philly Beer Week yet?

Follow that van!

The logic is airtight!

Better to be safe than sorry 🍺

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It’s so beautiful… I think I’m going to cry!

Happy Hop Friday! #crookedstave #coolship #hellohops #tgif

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Need a new beer cocktail recipe?

Did you make it to Harrisburg Beer Week?

Bake this for me, please!

How did they do that?!

It’s a jungle out there!

How are you celebrating Mexican independence?

Look out, Illinois!

Enter to win!

Try to win this one, too!

The clock is ticking!

Any takers?

Congratulations, Sam!

Beer and music by the beach? I’m in!

Think you can drink 60 IPAs?

Longer hours means more craft beer enjoyment!

Another great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Shh… Don’t tell mall management… Be cool, bro…

Bring your helmet!

Creature Comforts is putting out an APB for this woman.

Did I miss anything exciting this week?

Just over four years ago, we started out with a simple idea: make great beer. From west-coast IPAs, to barrel-aged sours, we've been able to create world-class ales in a city that we love. We've grown from a small Brewpub with 60 employees, to a company with 4 locations and over 200 employees. In order to innovate, push the boundaries, and grow, we've decided to take on the High End branch of Anheuser-Busch as a strategic partner. Our founding ownership staff will continue to lead Wicked Weed in their same capacities as we move forward, and into the future. This decision is a large part of the future for Wicked Weed, and will allow our brand, staff, and beers to achieve their greatest potential. We will be releasing more details soon. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

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The reactions were swift and decisive.

This morning, we received an email from Walt Dickinson, of Wicked Weed Brewing Company, a few minutes before the news appeared publicly, informing us of the big news. When we checked online, our social media feed was flooded with posts about Wicked Weed and ABInBev. Personally, Sarah and I were shocked to learn of ABInBev's acquisition of Wicked Weed, and we still are. ⠀ We consider Walt and the rest of the Wicked Weed crew to be friends and we are happy for them and honestly wish them the best. ⠀ However, at Black Project, we have deep and serious issues with many of ABInBev's business strategies, mission, and overall ethics as they relate to craft beer in America. In Denver alone, we've seen several instances of highly aggressive, predatory, and what we consider to be unethical practices. We truly believe that ABInBev intends to systematically destroy American craft beer as we know it. We don't personally buy, seek, trade, or acquire any of their products for this reason, and we've been known to encourage our friends to do the same… [continued online] ⠀ (Link in profile) ⠀ #BlackProject #WickedWeed

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This has been a difficult day for us. The news that our great friend Wicked Weed Brewing was acquired by AB In-Bev came as quite a shock. As you might guess, we've been getting a lot of e-mails, media inquiries, and online questions about what we think and what it means for Jester King. It's no secret that Wicked Weed has been one of our closest friends in the beer industry. Regardless of what has transpired, we'll always consider the people of Wicked Weed friends, and want the best for them and their families. With that said, we have some core principles that define who we are as a brewery, and those principles must not be compromised. One of our core principles is that we do not sell beer from AB In-Bev or its affiliates. We've chosen this stance, not because of the quality of the beer, but because a portion of the money made off of selling it is used to oppose the interests of craft brewers. In Texas, large brewers (and their distributors) routinely oppose law changes that would help small, independent brewers. We choose not to support these large brewers because of their political stances, and in some cases, their economic practices as well. Because of this core principle, it pains us to say that we won't be carrying Wicked Weed anymore at Jester King. We think Wicked Weed beer is some of the best in the world. Their talent, techniques, and patience produces some of the most beautiful beer we've ever tasted. That, combined with their great friendship, is what makes this decision so tough for us. But like we said, our core values must be paramount at the end of the day. We wish Wicked Weed the best, will deeply miss having their beer at Jester King and working with them on collaborations, and expect them to continue to make fantastic beer. Like we mentioned, they'll always have our friendship and we look forward to the next time we can share a beer together. Cheers, Jeffery Stuffings Founder Jester King Brewery

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This has been an awkward and emotional last 24 hours for us. Over the years, we've become good friends with the Wicked Weed crew. We've grown to really respect the people and their beers. We've shared many beers together, made a beer together, are in the process of making another beer together, enjoyed events around the country, and hosted Wicked Weed events at our barrel house. We've shared some really good times together over the last couple of years. It's about values. Yesterday, Wicked Weed announced that they are selling their brewery to the megabrewery AB InBev (Budweiser, Shock Top). Here at The Rare Barrel, we've made a decision not to serve, collaborate with, or affiliate with AB InBev because our values do not align with theirs. In order to stay true to our values, we're pulling out of the second part of our collaboration, will not be attending their festivals, and will not be able to serve their beer in our Tasting Room anymore. While our values diverge and we part ways, we wish the people at Wicked Weed all the best.

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