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The Weekly Buzz | September 30 – October 6

Weekly Buzz

Did you know that there is some kind of beer festival in Denver this weekend? Just kidding! We all know that GABF is coming up fast, and Twitter has been humming nonstop. What do you get when you mix a week’s worth of normal beer news (and nonsense) with a healthy serving of GABF news? You get one heck of a migraine, but you also get The Weekly Buzz!

What costume will you be wearing?

Check out these events to support breast cancer charities!

One of each, please! And keep ’em coming!

Donate to a great cause, and get a chance to win this sweet ride!

That’s a pretty sweet medal!

Seems like my kind of party!

This tweet had hops AND a chainsaw, so I pretty much had to post it.

Never turn down an opportunity to learn!

Whiskey finished in beer barrels? It seems backwards, but I definitely want a bottle…

Bartenders and servers, we salute you!

You know this would look great in your yard. Enter to win!

At least one pumpkin beer didn’t succumb to seasonal drift!

Need a job? Check out this Open House!

There aren’t many things more beautiful than a crane hoisting a huge tank.

I needed a beer to get through the debate, too.

This tweet includes a “Dad Joke”, but it looks like a fun party nonetheless!

In this friendly wager, no one really loses.

When foul weather is moving in, you have to have your priorities in order.

The GABF Buzz!

Get your geek on by getting autographs from your favorite beer writers!

A huge list of events from Bell’s!

Tap Takeovers at Yard House in Denver

Righty tighty, lefty drinky. It’s Left Hand’s GABF event list!

Sam’s giving the personal touch to the sign for Dogfish Head’s GABF Booth!

Free pint glass with your GABF badge!

A Two-Tone GABF event list from the Rude Boys at Ska Brewing!

What’s Boulevard going to be up to during GABF? Click and see!

Now that’s what we call innovation!

Update your GABF app for the full list!

New Holland’s booth looks AMAZING!

Little guy was so excited for GABF that he tuckered himself out!

Victory and Southern Tier are all set up and ready to start pouring beers!

Which brews do you think are coming home with gold?

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