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Ultimate 6er | Tequilla Chasers

Ultimate 6er | Tequilla Chasers
Robert French

When you are talking about perfect pairings, there is none better than tequila and beer. Whether you’re doing shots or sipping on a cocktail if you’re drinking tequila, you obviously need a beer chaser. While you might be content grabbing the closest Mexican lager, you could also branch out a bit, and consider a few other options. Maybe you want to complement your tequila, or maybe you want to soothe the burn. Either way, having the right beer by your side is the only way to go.

As you plan for your celebration of National Tequila Day, yes this is a thing, you also need to plan the beer to best fit your celebration. There is a plenitude of options when you’re considering building the ultimate tequila chaser list. The three style options that come to mind are: the cocktail, the sipper and the crusher.

The Cocktail

When you think about a margarita in the context of a beer, what do you think of? You need a bit of acid, citrus and don’t forget the salt. There are two options that work well with those descriptors.

Bruery Terreux | Wit The Funk

The Bruery’s Wit the Funk has orange peel and coriander that play well with the margarita theme. The oak aging fits right in with an Añejo tequila. This tart and funky beer may not scream margarita, but the flavors will definitely play well with the cocktail.

Dogfish Head | Sea Quench Ale

For the more traditional margarita, Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale is the right answer. This Berliner Weiss, brewed with black limes, lime juice, and sea salt screams margarita. This a perfect beer to chase one down without missing a flavor beat.

The Sipper

While a shot of tequila is never the wrong choice, sometimes you want to slow down and indulge in a finer, sipping tequila. This will most likely include oak, char and just a touch of heat.

Allagash Brewing | Curieux

My first choice for this pairing would be Allagash Curieux. This Belgian Tripel is aged in bourbon barrels for seven weeks. Hints of vanilla and coconut backed up with just enough bourbon. This is a stunning beer on its own but would make an incredible pairing with a Reposado tequila.

Firestone Walker Brewing | Nitro Merlin

Looking for something with a little less punch? Firestone Walker’s Nitro Merlin might be the answer. This beer screams luxury. This oatmeal stout is decadent, without being dessert-like. The coffee and chocolate flavors provide a smooth drinkability for this nitro milk stout that will both cool the heat of the tequila while complementing the delicate nuanced flavors.

Crush It

Forget the show, this is game time and the shots have hit the table. As you throw back that first one, you should be thinking about cooling that heat.

Jack’s Abby | Post Shift Pilsner

If you are lucky enough to be anywhere the Jack’s Abby Post Shift Pilsner is being poured, you need this beer. The name says it all. Work is done and it’s time to relax. Paired with a finely crafted Blanco tequila, you have secured a very solid 1 – 2 punch.

Alvarado Street Brewing | Mai Tai PA

So you need a bit more hops, Alvardo Street’s Mai Tai PA has got to be the go-to beer. This 2015 GABF Gold Medal winning beer has a perfect blend of tropical vacation inducing hops to pair with your chosen shot. You won’t need that fruity margarita with this pairing.

Don’t let this holiday slip by without the proper celebration. Whether you’re looking to complement or contrast your tequila choice, this might just be your ultimate six-pack. Cheers!

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