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3 Daughters Brewing | Rod Bender Red Ale

3 daughters brewing rob bender red ale
Devin Caster

ABV: 5.9% | IBU: 23

I’ve found myself frequenting the booming brewing scene of Tampa Bay in recent months, and as an avid beer logger I usually find myself with flight-size pours and rarely more for any particular flavor or style, let alone a specific beer. If I buy a six pack, I’m usually picking it up to share with a few friends that don’t have regular access to it. So I must admit that it caught me by surprise when I found 3 Daughters Brewing‘s Rod Bender Red Ale to replace my typical wheel of flavors on a given football Sunday!

Family-owned and operated, 3 Daughters Brewing stakes claim to being the largest craft brewery in St. Petersburg, Florida. Their location in the art district of St. Pete and accommodating setup makes it marquis location for local brew tours. They are known for a diverse and innovative lineup of beers, and a strong flagship lineup of canned beers. Rod Bender is part of this main cast of characters, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve always been a sucker for a redhead (the foam head on it isn’t actually red, but you get my point).

3 daughters brewing Rod Bender red ale
Courtesy Devin Caster

Rod Bender pours with a somewhat quickly dissipating head. The red/amber coloring is clean, with no haze. The very mild scent is sweet and malty, requiring you to really take a strong whiff in order to get it. A rich sweetness at the very beginning quickly settles for a mild, smooth balancing act by the finish. The malty body mellows the caramel, making it a very easy beer to just keep sipping on whether a warm afternoon or cool evening.

Rod Bender is available across the entire Tampa Bay area at most grocery and liquor stores. A few suitable occasions to bring Rod Bender along include: cookouts, football watch parties, baby showers, a Tuesday at a cabin in the mountains, and of course a classic fishing trip as the name hints. I honestly can’t think of a bad time for this smooth, classy beer that isn’t too fancy and won’t break the bank!

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